The Significance of You

Have you ever walked along a beach on a windy day, your hair blowing everywhere and the waves are crashing hypnotically making you realise how powerful nature is and equally how small you are in this big world we live in.

Sometimes we forget that we are part of a huge world, that is turning and growing every moment of every day. We live in our own world and this can be a family/friends/work/village/city world, where we don’t venture further than we are comfortable with. We often don’t look beyond our own ‘world‘ on a daily basis, apart from when we read or watch the news and are exposed to more world wide issues or good news stories from across the globe.

Equally as small as we are in this universe, we achieve so much and are capable of anything we put our mind too. The internet has shrunk the world and we don’t have to be content with staying in the same place, we can move through the world online or move physically to somewhere else. Nothing is off limits, we are truly lucky.

But what is the one thing most of us are guilty of regardless of the size of world we create for ourselves? Can’t think? Well, we are all very guilty of taking for granted our bodies. It may seem like a strange thing, however, unless you are ill, sick or have something wrong with a part of your body, you just don’t think about it very often.

Think of your breathing, this is happening now, without you being aware, you breathe approximately 11 times a minutes, although you may make a conscious effort to breathe more effectively or in a way to calm any anxiety but breathing is something your amazing body is doing automatically. Your lungs fill and expel without you noticing! Think about your heart, this is pumping blood and oxygen around your body, it isn’t waiting for you to make the decision to do it, it’s just doing it! Your heart may beat anywhere between 40 to 100 beats in a minute. It’s incredible what it can do.

You eat food, chew it with teeth, your leg muscles contract and release allowing you to walk or move in any way, you have bones that keep you upright, otherwise you would be a saggy mess on the floor. What about your feet! They carry our weight, take us from A-B and we don’t even blink about it! Your eyes allow you to see and focus on the wonderful scenes and sights around us, we can look up at the moon and see the stars or look at a cloudless blue sky or even look under our beds when we drop something, or eyes adapt to the light as needed, giving us the best chance at seeing everything we need to. Our nose allows us to smell our lovely perfumes, smell the roses or fresh cut grass, we often have memories associated with various smells, they can take us back to a moment in childhood or a holiday. Apparently we can smell over one trillion different scents! How amazing is that!

What have you heard today? What are you hearing now? A tv programme, birds, your partner, the wind or the waves crashing? We hear different pitches and sometimes we hear things others can’t. We hear loving words, angry words, funny stories and jokes. You may have hearing aids to help you, how fantastic is that!

Our brain! Well where do I start with that! It sends and receives signals, it contains nerve cells and fibres and has the ability to store vasts amount of information. It does so much and yet we don’t give it credit!

Our body is an amazing structure, it does so much and we should appreciate it much much more than we do. So next time you are looking in a mirror or going to bed or getting up in the morning, say thank you to it! Thank it for everything it does for you on a daily basis. You may be small in this great universe but your body is doing truly magnificent things allowing you to be part of this amazing life on planet Earth.

Look after your body, treat it with respect, nourish and take care of it and thank it for all it does.

Have a wonderful week, look after you and smile at the wonderful person you are. 😁

Love Emma xx

9 thoughts on “The Significance of You

  1. Another great bit of reading Emma , well done you . May x

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  2. A great reminder to pay attention, be grateful for our amazing bodies and soak everything in. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you for reading Michelle! I know, we tend to forget what goes on in our bodies on a daily basis! Pretty amazing really! πŸ˜€

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  3. For a very large part of my life, I was guilty of assuming that my body was just there to house me. I know believe that our bodies play a much larger and more important role in who we are being and what we do. We embody our stories and emotions, and understanding how we do that can do so much to shift our way of being and contribute to our general wellness. As a very simple example of this, I find that when I am anxious about a specific situation, something as simple as lifting my shoulders and pushing them back to open up my torso can help shift that in the moment anxiety. Noticing our body and really listening to it can contribute so much to our general wellness, I think. Thanks for another fabulous post!

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    1. *now, not know. (Facepalm emoticon)

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    2. I was and sometimes still am guilty of not being more respectful of my body and taking care of it. I have noticed though at work I am definitely more aware of when I need to stretch or move my body and be more conscious of how I am sitting. You are so right about lifting the shoulders and moving them back. It does help! Thank you so much. xx

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      1. Yes, I am more focussed on my body at work. I am constantly paying attention into it in meetings and find that very useful.

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