7 Ideas to get your Inspiration & motivation back!

We all get stuck sometimes, we can lack motivation, we lose interest or we just want inspiration to hit. So what can you do when nothing is inspiring you, nothing is motivating you? Well, why not try the following and see if it helps.

Go for a walk – I know, I hear you say – that’s Emma’s answer to everything, but it really can help you. It gets your blood pumping, your happy hormones kicking in and gets your creative juices flowing. Take 30 minutes and go out and enjoy some fresh air. Notice what you see and hear and focus on being in the moment. Once you are back home, grab that notebook and write down whatever comes to mind. Inspiration and motivation can come from nature so get your shoes on and grab your jacket and go see what out there!

Watch your favourite movie – put this on and watch your lead character do whatever it is they need to do in order to be a success. Channel this whenever you need some inspiration. For example, my favourite movie is The Wizard Of Oz and I did a post on this several months ago as I feel you can get quite a few life lessons from it! Pop your movie on and see what comes to mind to help you get motivated or inspired!

Read a book – immerse yourself in a different world. Reading can help get you into a relaxed state, taking your mind off finding inspiration and motivation. Giving your mind space to work out what it needs to get back on track or even on the right track to get you where you want to be.

Chat to a friend – Talk it over with a friend or have a general chit chat. Ask them what they do when they feel stuck. What gets them to feel excited and enthused about things? Spending time with our friends is such a fantastic way to get your issues or problems resolved. By sharing what it is you are stuck with, they can help you get some clarification on what it is your are hoping to achieve and the steps to take to get there.

Do some housework – Yes I know, boring and not something you want to be doing unless you have to, but it will help to take your mind off things and by scrubbing the floor or the shower or cleaning the toilets vigorously you can use your frustration at not being motivated to make your house sparkle! In turn distracting your mind, giving you a chance to find some internal inspiration!

Draw and colour in a picture – Be creative by drawing and colouring like you used to when you were a child. Remember how much fun you had! Why not draw a picture of what you want to do, by taking the time to colour it in, you might be surprised by a surge in motivation to get yourself to where you want to be! Maybe you want to be an astronaut, why not draw a picture of yourself in a rocket or if you want to open a bakery, draw a picture of yourself standing behind the counter with some amazing cakes! See what comes up for you!

Spend time with your pets – just be with them, snuggle in and stroke them, it will help relax you and they will enjoy it too. Who doesn’t love being loved unconditionally – they don’t mind that your motivation has gone or you are feeling uninspired. They just know how awesome you are! So hug your pet and enjoy feeling at ease!

These are just a few things to help you get your inspiration and motivation back. Sometimes we just need to distract ourselves from overthinking and make sure we take time out or away so we can get some clarity and allow inspiration to come without forcing it!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Make sure you take some time to look after you and be kind to yourself.

Love Emma 😊 xx

4 thoughts on “7 Ideas to get your Inspiration & motivation back!

  1. Thank you for yet another awesome post. It really resonated with me. My motivation has been a little absent lately, and it was very helpful to read that I have the power to change that. Thank you x

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