Change Of Plan….. Plot Twist!

We can plan, plan, plan but sometimes those plans don’t happen for many a reason. Maybe your circumstances change, maybe someone let you down. Years ago online I saw a quote which spoke about when your life doesn’t go the way we thought it would, just yell ‘plot twist’ and continue on your new path! Like in a movie when you never saw the plot twist coming!

Now, with this plot twist, it can really shake us up, throw us off course and leave us wondering ‘what now’? But don’t panic, use this change of course to your advantage; what can you do instead?

Sometimes it can give you an opportunity to do something better and even something more satisfying instead or it makes you think harder about what it is you really want. Maybe your feeling relief as whilst you were interested in it, your heart wasn’t singing as much as you wanted it to be!

In my post last week I spoke about fitness and what I was missing, which was strength training. I’d signed up for a session with a Personal Trainer to get things moving and to learn some basic weight training. I was looking forward to it as this isn’t something I’ve ever done before. unfortunately she was no longer available as planned as she was now fully booked and I’d have to wait for a cancellation!

At first I was disappointed, however, I quickly realised how this could work to my advantage. There are tons of videos online which show you the basics and can get you started. I’m not looking at being a weight lifting champion, just using a few weights at home, which I already have, to get me toned. So I’ve found a few which I will try. The added bonus is I can do these anytime I want! I don’t have to stick to anyone’s schedule! Plus I’m saving money! Win win for me!

In the past year, I’ve noticed I’m far more accepting and open to situations which take me to an uncomfortable space or don’t go the way I’d planned. Many a time I’ve said, if we knew what was going to happen life would be boring. So try to look at ‘plot twists’ with an open heart and mind.

Here are three things for you to think about when something you had planned and were excitedly waiting for gets cancelled.

1. What outcome were you looking for?

Think about what it was you were going to get from the cancelled plan. What was the result going to be? How was it going to make you feel? Is there something similar you can do instead? Do some research as you never know you might find something similar that gives you those feelings and your desired outcome!

2. Don’t dwell on it.

Things happen and crop up, it’s out of your hands. Push past your disappointment. Think of what you could immediately do in that time instead. It may have nothing to do with what you had planned. You might decide to bake a cake, read a book, go for a walk, call a friend or just relax on the sofa. Getting time back can be a real bonus, so enjoy!

3. Embrace the unexpected.

Open your heart and mind to new possibilities and chances that come your way. As they say ‘when one door closes, another one opens’. By losing out, you may just gain something far more befitting instead and who knows where that’ll take you!

Enjoy life’s twists and turns and see what exciting and/or new things come your way!

Have a lovely week, thank you for reading, stay cosy and look after you!

Love Emma xx 😄

7 thoughts on “Change Of Plan….. Plot Twist!

  1. Totally agree! The older I get the more I find I can adapt to change. I dont feel the need to control thing so much. If things dont go as I planned I feel that there must be a better plan out there for me.

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    1. Yes I agree! That’s exactly what I think, there’s always a reason why things don’t go to plan and it’s usually giving us a better alternative!

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  2. Great tips on how to handle cancelled plans. I’m learning to accept it and not get so down about it.

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    1. Thank you. It’s difficult sometimes as it can get us down or it can feel personal, however it’s time back and gives us an opportunity to do something else.

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  3. I love how you’ve reframed something not going as planned.
    Just a thought: if you ever fancy a bit of yoga, I would highly recommend Yoga With Adriene. She does loads of free videos and it feels like having a fun girlfriend in your living room with you! She says ‘Find what feels good’… and so is really for any level. 😘

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    1. I will check her out as normally do yoga weekday mornings when I get up! Will search her out. Perfect! Thanks, xx🌼💜


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