Your Meaningful Space

It’s been a crazy week, each day and each moment has been filled with talk on the Coronavirus. We’ve all heard about it – if you haven’t, then I really don’t know where you’ve been hiding! Maybe you are currently self-isolating and trying to figure out what to do over the seven days, particularly if you are unable to work from home. Or maybe you are happy to be home with your own things and company. Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, I hope you are alright and looking after yourself. Whilst this post isn’t about COVID-19, it is about space – your own personal space, home and work space.

We all have a personal space boundary, you know, if someone sits too close, or stands too close in a queue or crouches down to speak to you when you are sitting at your desk and you have to push your chair back cos they have entered into the no go zone! Our personal space is for us to feel secure and comfortable, if someone encroaches into it (without being invited), we can feel threatened and will look for ways to be comfortable again. This could be as simple as taking a step back or moving onto the next seat if you can. Some people don’t understand the need for this space and will not think twice about getting into yours. Don’t feel bad about asking them to take a step away and give you space if you want too, particularly if you are unable to move or do anything about it. Your personal space is your zone and you should always feel comfortable.

Moving onto your home, where many of us could be spending time soon. Once again your home is your space (as well as whoever you share it with), and you should feel comfortable and safe. Your own home and living space can be freeing, you can be who you want and do want you want behind closed doors. You might have a crazy hobby or love to dance naked in your livingroom (make sure you close the blinds if you do this though 😂). Maybe you just like to hide away from the world and be in your own bubble….I know I love to do this…particularly if the weather outside is dire and we have no plans for the weekend! Your home should be an extension of your personal space, it’s your sanctuary.

I’m sure many of us enjoy being home from time to time, spending time either doing house things like DIY or spring cleaning or cooking, playing with the kids, relaxing in the bath, reading, baking, gardening etc. Being at home can be quite therapeutic for some of us, whether in a relationship or not or you have kids, the home is where love and light shines. It can be filled with fun and laughter and give you that ‘ahhh’ moment when you walk through the door after a hard days works and just want to sit down and relax or cook dinner or get cosy with your kids or pets. our home is an extension of us.

Whilst some of us are more than happy to spend days on end in the house, for others it can feel like true cabin fever. They do still love their home, however, it isn’t where they want to be encased in for a period of time. They have a want to do activities or meet friends or just go and do things. They are content with their home but it isn’t their all encompassing world. For them, the thought of being on lock down is as uncomfortable as someone invading their personal space.

Then we move on to our work space – wherever you work and whatever you do you will have a space for you in this area. It may be a locker only or a desk or even an office if you’re lucky, but this space is yours. How does it look? Neat and tidy? Filled with personal effects? Messy? This space is an extension of your personality, it could be fun and quirky or maybe you work somewhere that has a clear desk policy so you can’t put your pictures and mascots out, or have you got pictures stuck to your locker? Not everyone likes to have their personal things on show, and there is nothing wrong with that, but I’m sure in someway your work space has a bit of you shining through!

Whatever your favourite space is, whether it is one of the above or another, space is important to us. We need our spaces to extend our personality, to have fun in, to relax in, to feel safe and secure and to make us smile during the course of a hard day at work. Our spaces are not something we think about often, it probably doesn’t even enter your mind, but think about your spaces, what could you do to make them shine more and be more you? Does someone keep entering your personal space without an invite, tell them to back off, I always step back when someone gets too close, so don’t be afraid to say ‘this is my dance space, this is your dance space’ (Dirty Dancing) to someone, hopefully they will get the reference. Essentially a space is where you feel safe, secure and happy – it could be anywhere!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy week. 😀🌼 Look after you!

Love Emma xxx

4 thoughts on “Your Meaningful Space

  1. I like my space and I certainly don’t like anyone in my space when about, as it does make me uncomfortable,whether I know that person is nice, or a creep.

    I like my own space at home and being in my bubble there. I have learnt to get out a bit and I like that. But there are times I cannot wait to be at home, alone, so I can recharge.

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    1. Totally agree it is uncomfortable and you just want to step back. I’m the same, I get energised from coming home and being back to my normality, particularly if I’ve been away.

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  2. Love the dirty dancing reference!

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