Have A Margherita Pizza Day!

We think a lot, too much in fact, we strive for more, for us, for others, we look to have the perfect life but done perfectly our way. We are always on the go and our brain just doesn’t stop whirring away. I don’t know about you, but do you ever just think, let me have a day off, I’m exhausted!

Let’s have a day of just being us, as we are, with no pressure. Imagine that! Take a day off, relax and wander round in your underwear if you want to! Be comfortable. Sometimes we try too hard! We ought to be kind to ourselves and say ‘Today, I just want to be me with no added extras’!

Think about the pizza you order, do you take it as it comes or do you add to it, I do, I always add red onions or sweetcorn. Why? Well I like it and it makes it taste great. Every day you add extras to you, whether it’s externally with your clothes, hair or face or internally adding to your persona. What do you do?

We already wear clothes and I’m taking this as the base…mainly because you can’t really go to work naked or go for a walk with your boobs out. So clothes, although an added extra, in this scenario I’m not classifying it as such. But do you add a sparkly touch to your top or some colour to your eyes or maybe you dye your hair pink and tie it back in a creative way? We all do things each day to set us apart from everyone else. These ‘added extras’ make us who we are or who we wish to be seen as.

So, you get up and get ready for work, you wear smart clothes and when you get to work, you might have a different demeanour than you have at home. You have therefore ‘added extra’ to your personality. Now there is nothing wrong with this, we have all done it or still do it. It is who we are at work and who we are seen to be. Think about it, when you ever saw a teacher out of school, whether in the shops or just on the street, they were out of context and if they were wearing jeans then it would really seem weird! I mean teachers were always just teachers, we never thought of them differently. This is a great example of an added extra….they have added teacher persona to the real them!

There is no getting away from this, if we add extra to our food when we want to, then why is it any different when we change our hair or get our nose pierced. We are adding extra to us, hopefully to feel good! Make-up does the same thing, if you feel more comfortable going out and about with it on, then why the heck would you feel bad for doing so! Being you with added extras isn’t a bad thing as long as it makes you happy and YOU are choosing those additions.

But going back to the start of this blog, do you think you need a day off? Where you can drop all those supplementary layers you have placed on yourself. Do you ever just want to be free of feeling like you have to be the work person or have your hair all neat or be the one in your group of friends who has it altogether? Do you just want to be free from living a pizza topping life? Of piling on the extras you do daily, when all you want to do is walk around your house wearing your comfy clothes, hair looking like you just woke up and not caring what anyone else thinks? Wouldn’t this be great?

So do it. Plan a day or be spontaneous one day and randomly decided to have an accessory free day! No frill or bells and whistles, you will let it all go, switch off to the worlds expectation of you and be the you who you love to be when no one is looking! Get up that morning and let the sunshine in to your margherita pizza day! Look in the mirror and say to yourself ‘today is my day to be ordinary and I shall embrace it’! There is nothing wrong with being ordinary, but just remember we are all unique, so what is ordinary or plain to me, will be different to you.

Whether you decorate your life with more toppings or add accessories to clothes or style your hair in a fun and creative way or be a powerful person at work, do what feels good for you but don’t feel bad for wanting a day off. Let your hair down or walk around with your bed head if you wish. After all, whatever your extra pizza toppings are sometimes we just want to keep it simple.

Have a great week and have as many added extras as you wish, just don’t forget to be a margherita pizza once in a while!

Look after you!

Love Emma xx

6 thoughts on “Have A Margherita Pizza Day!

  1. Well said, Emma, you get those sort of days when you’re retired!

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    1. Thanks Joyce! Iโ€™m sure youโ€™re still as busy as ever! ๐ŸŒผ


  2. What a great reminder to just slow down and take some time for ourselves. I could definitely use one of those days. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thank you Michelle! I know what you mean…Iโ€™m hoping to have one in a few weeks! ๐ŸŒผ

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  3. What a better way to spend an easy day than having some great slices of pizza. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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