Be Your Own Hero

Happy New Year everyone! All the best for 2021! What will this year bring us? Have you got plans or resolutions you want to explore and complete? We are heading into the year with a lot of unknowns, but we will achieve things and we will continue to move forward. Don’t stop setting those goals and planning what you want to accomplish in 2021. It may not come easy or be doable at times, however, keep pushing on, keep striving as it’s all possible, just maybe not in the way you thought it would be.

This year, no matter what you want to do, put yourself in the driving seat, be the person you want to be, be your true authentic self. Before you begin, think about what it is you want, if you were sitting here a year from now having fulfilled your dream or resolutions what would you be thinking? Are you proud of what you have done? Was all the hard work worth it? If you already think that you won’t achieve it, then you are setting yourself up for failure from the outset. So make it something you really want and that it is achievable. It may not be easy and it may not be linear, and giving up is often easier than working through the difficulties and challenges we face. But amaze yourself and be your own hero and champion yourself to success.

If you’re on a weight loss journey and whether you’re following a specific diet or are going it alone be your own hero. Or if you want to get fit and take up a new exercise and train for a 5k, 10k or even a marathon, then be your own hero. Do what you set out to do. Make this year count, make it special and make it something to celebrate on 31st December 2021.

If your not sure where to start or what being your own hero means, then write a list of your plans for the year, set it all out. Then think about who your heroes are, you do you admire and look up to They may be in your family or friendship circle, it could be a sports personality, or a writer or a presenter, maybe even someone you follow on social media. Whoever they are, write down what it is they bring to the table, that you feel you don’t have. What is it that you see in them that you don’t see in yourself? If they were standing on the sidelines of your life this year, what positive phrases or words would they use to help spur you on? Once you’ve got your list of words use them to encourage yourself to achieve. Maybe it’s a 5 minute pep talk to yourself in the morning, or words of inspiration about not giving up when you really want to eat that bar of chocolate (treats are good now and again though) or perhaps going for your morning run is starting to wear thin and you really want to be motivated but are struggling with that at the moment.

Be your own hero.

Smile at your successes no matter how small, pat yourself on the back, set small incremental goals to achieve, whether on a weekly or monthly basis. Each day, use the words you’ve written down, take them and apply them to your situation. Remember why you are doing this and what it is you want the final outcome to be. If you start to think you’re never going to get there, then amend your desired outcome and continue. You will become demotivated and bored if things start to feel too difficult and way out of reach.

Being a hero to yourself means accepting your flaws, accepting that you may stray off the path at times when trying to achieve, but understanding that it doesn’t mean it’s the end of your goal. Cut yourself some slack and then continue with your plan. We can be our own worst enemy at times, but by being our own hero, we can make our own rules.

Heroes aren’t ‘on’ all the time, even Superman takes a day off. So build time off into your goals, I’m not talking about spending a whole day binge eating if you’re trying to lose weight. I’m talking about when you find yourself in a situation where you just want to eat that takeaway then do it. Being too restrictive isn’t real life, so factor time in to take time off.

As you go throughout your year being your own hero, keep a note of further words or tips that would help you succeed that you come across. A hero recognises when to ask for help too, so if you feel something isn’t right, or just get stuck, then ask for help. Your friends or family may be a good support system. Plus don’t forget there is a wide range of professional help available to you as well, whether from a therapist, dietitian, fitness expert or your own doctor. Asking for help will give your own hero strength to continue. You are strong, You are a hero. You are your own hero! And who knows, maybe this time next year, you will be someone else’s hero that they look up to and wish they were more like.

Have a great week, and a great 2021. Be safe, take care and look after you.

Love Emma xx 😊

2 thoughts on “Be Your Own Hero

  1. Lovely read – good luck with your goals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, very kind of you to say! All the best with yours too! 🌻


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