Three Words

How do you start your week? With a slow steady pace or with a go, go, go attitude? Do you stand in the shower, thinking about all the things you have to accomplish that day? Or maybe you listen to music and relax your way into the week. But have you ever had a day when you think of all the things that are coming your way and could really do with a mental boost. Just something to see you through and help to make you day a little less scary and a little more ‘I got this’?

Well why not try the three word approach, pick three words that will help you with your day or week. They can be any word that you find helpful in your life. These are words you can use and pull on when you need them, so if you have a particularly challenging day ahead and know at times you are going to be pushed to your limit then maybe you need a word like ‘patience’ or ‘calm’. These words can remind you to slow down and take a moment to check what you have to do or to let you stop, take a breath and have a moment of calm in the midst of a crazy day.

Maybe you are feeling a bit anxious, you have an event or social gathering (clearly not at the moment😊) you must attend and whilst you’d rather hide in the background and not be seen, you will have to make chit chat with people, then your word could be ‘courage’. When you think about this word, what are the images it conjures up in your head? What is it that makes someone courageous? Channel those images or thoughts and go out there and do your thing. It’s not something that takes up too much time and I’d suggest you pick words already in your head. No need to go all fancy and use a thesaurus for words you would never use in your day to day life.

Perhaps you are excited for the day ahead, maybe you are doing something like a skydive or bungee jump and you want to stay in the moment and enjoy the experience, well what about the word ‘focus’. When you are up in the plane or standing at the edge of a platform bring this word to your mind (if you can, at this stage!!) then concentrate on what is happening, focus on what you are feeling, what the wind feels like on your face and body as you fall, what other sensations are you feeling? What can you see? Look around as you go and enjoy the scenery from up in the sky or the rush you feel from jumping off that platform.

Pick words you know will easily be of help and inspiration in all you do that day.

You don’t often know how your day or your week is going to pan out, so pick words you find useful or that get you buzzing and ready to tackle anything!

The other day I picked three words, they were ‘Challenge’, ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Smile’. I knew there may be a few things in my work day that would require some help. I picked ‘challenge’ as I really do love one. At the time it may seem like I’m never getting anywhere and all just seems like it’s too difficult and the task is going to defeat me, so I dig deep and get on with it! And this is the point I reminded myself of my chosen word ‘Challenge’. I enjoy it, I don’t like the same old same old all the time so I relish a challenge when it come my way. I took a deep breath and got on with it.

I often come across things in my day I can’t change or that no matter how many times you say something to someone they just won’t heed the advice given, often making the situation worse before having to tackle it another way. This is where my word ‘acceptance’ comes in. It reminds me to let go and accept the situation is what it is, I’ve done my best and that’s all you can do.

Finally my last word was ‘smile’. For me I love smiling and laughing and usually they do feature throughout my day. Whether it’s something funny someone has said or done, or I’ve watched a funny show. But when the day is not going well and nothing is going right I take a moment to smile. It might not always work to lift me, but then I think of happy or funny things and I know the craziness of the day will pass and taking a moment to smile helps me to reset..

Rightio, I’ve given you the idea and now you need to go and do it! It may seem strange to do but see how you get on. Just think about what you encounter in a typical week and pull those words out of your head! Start small, maybe pick one word for a day or for the week and then increase to two and then three. There are no rules here so have some fun with it and see what works for you, and what fits into your day/week/month,

I hope you have a lovely week and have fun picking those words. Take care, stay safe and look after you!

Love Emma xx πŸ˜€πŸŒΌ

2 thoughts on “Three Words

  1. I like the idea of using simple words to reassure ourselves. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. It can be a great help. πŸ˜ƒ


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