Are We There Yet?

I wonder how many of you, when you were a child went on a long car journey as a family. Maybe you were going on a holiday or to visit friends or family, you sat in the back seat and on a good day fell asleep whilst leaving your parents chatting about the usual adult boring things. After what felt like hours, you’d perk up and ask them ‘ Are we there yet’? usually is was followed by a ‘no’ or ‘nearly’. We just wanted to be ‘there’, wherever ‘there’ was. Especially if it was going to be something we would enjoy.

Now, on car journeys, we usually know where we are going or how long it is going to take us. We don’t have that element of surprise (unless you are on a mystery tour). So we just get on with it. Maybe you have kids now that ask you that question ‘Are we there yet?’ What do you respond?

Looking at your life…are you there yet? I mean, do you have everything you want are you content? For example I don’t mean do you have the latest PlayStation or smart tv but do you have a career you are passionate about, a family you’ve always dreamed of or that car you’ve been wanting your entire life? Perhaps it’s another achievement like running a marathon or climbing that mountain?

Maybe you have all you want and are content. Fantastic, well done, you are there! What goals do you want out of life? Where are you in the process of it? Maybe you need to ask yourself the questions ‘Am I there yet?’

I’ve talked about creating a plan and breaking your goals down into small steps previously to help you achieve. But what about if you are on your journey to getting or doing all you want and you then get stuck or hit a wall and cannot move forward and are clearly nowhere near being there yet!

Well, it’s simple, ask yourself if you still want to get there? Is this still something you are striving towards? Don’t feel bad if it isn’t, things change, life happens and quite often what we wanted last year just doesn’t befit us now. It just doesn’t work for us. Then let it go, don’t feel guilty if you have spent money learning or you bought the beautiful car. Maybe once your dream is realised, it isn’t as expected or you might just love to achieve something and move on. Both are ok. It is your life so you have to follow the path that suits you. It is better to have tried something and given it a go or achieved it and decided it is for you, rather than to never have done so and always wonder what if. There is no point working towards something halfheartedly, if it feels like a burden, then stop. Pull yourself away from it, life is FULL of giving things a go and moving on, it’s how we learn and grow.

However, If your dream/goal/achievement is something you are still passionate about but you have got yourself in a rut or are asking yourself ‘Why am I not there yet?’ Then lets look at that. All it may need is for you to tweak the goal, for example, if you wanted to acheive 500 miles of walking within 6 months and you thought this would be achievable but are struggling to get out because of the weather or you’ve been ill or hurt your leg or maybe you’ve just been too busy with work. Don’t give up on it, just amend the goal, look at how many miles you have left to do and work out how much you can comfortably do in a week and alter the time, extend it by 2 months. It isn’t cheating, it’s about being realistic. It doesn’t matter about taking a bit longer, the next time you look to do something similar, you will make it more real and achievable.

If we all knew the journey of our dreams or goals and the obstacles we would meet along the way and we could plan for them, then we wouldn’t get the same feelings of accomplishment. Our goals and dreams are always going to hit bumps in the road because if it was easy, then it wouldn’t be a goal or dream. We all want that sense of achievement as we realise what we set out to do.

Ask yourself ‘Are you there yet?’ with what you are looking to be successful at, if you are or are on the right path to do so, then great. If not, then tweak or change, upgrade or overhaul your plans. Achievement isn’t about being successful first time, it’s about fulfilling your dreams in a realistic way. Spend time researching and finding out what others have done and see if there is anything they are doing that you can implement for yourself.

Thank you for reading, if you are there yet, then great, well done, make sure you celebrate! If you aren’t be kind to yourself and be realistic. You’ve got this and will be there soon!

Take care, have a wonderful week and work excitedly and passionately towards your goals.

Love Emma xxx

4 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. I was a kid who, when we were going on a trip, would love to pour over maps. My favorite part of vacations…as the journey there.

    Maybe that’s why, for me, the journey of reaching my goals is more important that whether or not I accomplish them. I actually think of my big ones as quests, because it encompasses the idea that things will fall off the rails (though I don’t think anyone predicted a global pandemic). The lessons learned from picking up the pieces, re-evaluating, and forging ahead is part of my process.

    Thank you for your insight! I really appreciated it.

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    1. Hi Erin, thank you for your comment! I very much view the journey as the important part as well as you can learn so much. I love that they are your quests, what a great way to view them and to accept that things will possibly get in the way or not go as planned from the start, which is what so many of us forget to think about. You have a great process, thanks for sharing.


  2. Another good read Emma thankyou. Keep well x

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    1. Thanks May! So kind of you! Hope you’re well. X


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