Reverse Day!

Are you finding yourself repeating your days over and over? Are you going through the motions, doing what you have to do rather than being aware or mindful? Does your mind wander but you still do all you need as you have been doing it so often. You just do it!

Maybe you are bored and fed up with the usual hum drum of the day. Spend a short time going through your daily or weekly routine, ask yourself what parts are truly in need of a revamp. Take a look at a couple of my previous blogs for some inspiration: Groundhog Day and Routines and Rituals.

If you want to have a fun day and just take a break from the norm, then have a reverse day. Certain things may have to stay in your routine, such as work, but even that can get a shake up! Below are some ideas for you to think about to create a day of reversal!

  • Do your bedtime routine in the morning, have a cup of hot chocolate and read. If you usually end your day with a cosy hot drink and reading a chapter of a book or a couple of articles in a magazine, then start your day off this way. Relax yourself into your day by catching up with the characters in your book or finding out some helpful hints from your magazine. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to avoid being late for work.

  • Your unlikely to go to work in your favourite pj’s, however, if you are working from home, why not pop them on and if you do have any video calls, stick a jumper or cardigan over the top! I think we are all used to being comfy now! But make sure you don’t have bed head!

  • Breakfast… we could reverse this and have your main meal here, however, it might feel pretty heavy going first thing. Eat it if you want, but maybe make it and eat it at lunchtime instead. But choose something you wouldn’t normally have or have your lunch, have a sarnie or some soup. Perhaps you always eat breakfast standing up, in a hurry, so sit down, watch the news or listen to a podcast, think about how you would normally have your dinner and follow that routine.

  • Now you are at work, what can be reversed in your day? Are you fairly flexible or have to do things in a certain way. If you can flex, then think about how you start and end your workday. What are your daily chores, can you leave them to later in the day or do you usually do them last thing, if so switch it to first thing. Do you always go for the quick wins first? Then pick a task that requires more thought and time and get cracking. You could even think about your calls, do you usually sit down for them, can you stand instead?

  • It’s time for your evening meal, are you going to have the usual which you may have cooked earlier or are you going to have a bowl of cereal or toast with jam? You might want to avoid your usual morning coffee, but you could go for decaff instead or a hot water with lemon. Do you usually pick up a coffee or something to perk you up to start your day, then you could always select something calming to drink at home to help you sleep.

  • When do you workout in your day, are you someone who gets up with the birds and does your exercise then, perhaps you go to the gym or head out for a walk. If you normally grab your gym stuff after work, could you go first thing instead? Or take a lovely morning stroll in the evening, a nice way to wind down after work.

  • Do a reverse day at the weekend if during the week would be tough. I don’t mean grab a wine and sit in bed whilst reading the newspaper! No, do what’s practical. If you are usually rushing around on Saturday morning, doing chores and getting stuff done, then stop, relax, watch a movie for a few hours or catch up with friends for breakfast instead of dinner. You can all have a laugh over coffee and pancakes instead of a meal and wine.

Choose a day you want to shake up and make it into a reverse day. Don’t feel like you have to go into the day and do everything backwards, start small and pick a couple of things to do and see how you get on. If you like it, maybe it can become a regular (but not, hum drum regular) part of your life. It may feel silly at first, but a change is as good as a rest! So go on, what you waiting for, have your nightly bath first thing, eat a pizza for breakfast (who hasn’t done that before). Enjoy your day of starting at the end and ending at the beginning!

Have a lovely week, look after you and Happy Fathers Day!

Love Emma xx

6 thoughts on “Reverse Day!

  1. Love the post. Excellent ideas.

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  2. This is such a great idea! What a fun way to get out of the same old thing every day routine. I’m going to try this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Michelle, it definitely is! Gets you thinking about what you do daily and why we only do it at certain times! So mix it up and have some fun! Enjoy your reverse day! 🌻

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  3. This sounds like such a fun way to switch up your day! I can definitely relate to getting bored of following the same routine every day. I might try this sometime! x

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    1. Thanks Sophie! It can certainly bring some much needed change to an otherwise same old day! Thanks for reading! 🌻

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