Celebrating Mums

Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful, fantastic and awesome mothers.

A mother’s love is different to all other kinds of love. It’s unconditional, beautiful and knows no bounds. I want us all to celebrate all mums, moms, mammas and mothers out there. You are all truly wonderful and we certainly wouldn’t be here today without you!

Today is a day to truly celebrate our mums! Say thank you for all they have done for us throughout our lives from sticking a plaster on our cut knee to taking care of us when we were sick to giving us a hug when we got our heartbroken. Mums are special and tend to be unrewarded for the significant role they play in our lives and the love they bring to us.

They teach us right from wrong, help us find our way in life and nurture us to adulthood. I don’t have children so I can’t compare love for a mum and love for a child. But I know mums don’t stop worrying about you no matter your age whether you are out in the garden playing with your toys or being an adult travelling around the world.

Mums can often be unappreciated particularly when you are a child, you don’t think about what they do on a day to day basis for you. They help you with your homework, help you bake, teach you how to work a washing machine, make you wash dishes, clean your room (ugh mum…..it’s sooooo unfair!) and they are proud of you when you draw a picture (it may resemble a blob of colour, but they accept your explanation of a house), or when you pass exams and your driving test.

Of course there may be times when they are so angry and want to kill you (not really, but you know they are very mad) but they still love us and always want the best for us. And even when we can’t see it and they are driving us bonkers, they want you to see your full potential and not make mistakes that perhaps they have made. At the same time though, we know by making those mistakes, we learn our own lesson and our mum will be there, maybe first to yell at us and then to comfort us.

Some of you may have grown up with a step mum, two mums or maybe your sister, gran auntie or foster mum brought you up. This day is for them, regardless if you called them mum or not. You may be celebrating your dad today too as they had to be your dad and your mum. However you celebrate, make sure you put their love at the heart of the day.

Some of you may have lost your mum making this day a tough one, they will still be with you in spirit, smiling at you and willing you on in your life. Take care of you and celebrate your mum’s life today. Maybe eat their favourite meal, go to their favourite place, have their favourite tipple or just spend some time thinking about them and all they brought into your life.

I am very grateful to my mum, for all she has taught me, the love she has given, the support, the advice, the gifts she gives when she visits or even the things I go home with after visiting her, the notes she wrote to get me out of PE at school, when she didn’t tell my dad when I got my belly button pierced, the hugs she has given me, the marzipan we used to eat whilst she baked, the patient, terrified co driver she was when I learnt to drive. The dinners she cooked, the huge jars of Nutella she bought me, the vodka she bought, the lifts she gave me, the money she lent me for various things when I was a student and beyond. The piddly amount of rent she charged me, the chocolate she got me and once again all the love she has showered me with. I am truly in awe of the job my mum did raising me and my sister….there were times when I was a pain in the ass but the love was always and still is there. Thank you mum for being just awesome, I know I am very lucky to have such a caring and loving mum. You mean the world to me and even though I don’t see you often, I love you and appreciate everything you have done and still do for me. I know my sister will feel the same too….although she may have a slightly different list haha. Mum we love you, so thank you! Have a great day!

Me and mum on Christmas day out for a walk

So, to all the mothers out there, know you are loved and today is all about you, so put your feet up and let people run after you for a change.

Have a lovely day celebrating your mum, step mum, gran, auntie, sister and any other female role model in your life.

Take care and look after you.

Love Emma


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Mums

  1. The bond that a mother shares with her kids is beyond description. No words can define it. Her love is indeed more than even the word ‘love’ can define.

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  2. Thank you for this, it’s lovely xx


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