Every day is a school day!

This phrase is true. You may deny it but you do learn something new each day. Think about it. Everyone is imparting knowledge to you, you may just think it’s someone wittering on but they could be sharing some important news or a fact with you. You read blogs, articles, news, stories, books and social media, you listen to the radio, watch tv and videos online. All of it is giving you a wee nugget of information that you probably didn’t already know first thing this morning.

I love to learn as I mentioned in a previous post. I love reading and devouring information about topics I am interested in as well as reading novels. I love all things wellbeing and at the moment there is such a huge amount of information out there on this topic, I am never going to get through it in my lifetime! I want to know more and more. I love learning and the process of learning, whether this is through courses, reading or most importantly life lessons.

At school, learning is a must, we have to learn x, y and z before we leave and in our secondary education you get to learn what x + y = z means. Crazy eh! (Never used it since!) Learning is ingrained in us, from the moment we are born we are learning, getting to know the world around us and what it all means. And most of the time we don’t know we are doing it.

Our desire to work in a certain job will determine what we learn and how we learn. We may end up at university or go straight into a job from school. Whatever or wherever our path takes us, learning and development is taking place. We move from being in a place of unknown and uncertainty to a place of knowledge and experience. It may take a new person joining or a want for more responsibility, to make us realise how far we have come. Like I said at the start, you are obtaining knowledge daily, and putting this to great use in your job or at university. So don’t ever think you aren’t learning something, your brain is absorbing information even when you don’t realise it.

If you are anything like me, you’ll want to learn and know more to continually improve ourselves. It’s in us, to seek knowledge in order to grow and make our way through life. However, not everyone wants to learn more, many of us say after doing a uni course, or going on a work course, that we never want to learn again. I can understand it, intense learning where it is a constant to be reading, writing and listening to information, with exams. You get into the cycle of it, but really just yearn for it to be over…..not always for any negative reason, it can be the want to move forward and put your learning into practice that drives the want for it to be over.

If you are lucky in your life, you will find a passion and/or a hobby and you will spend time learning things you love. I think you are more likely to learn and retain knowledge and gain wisdom if it’s for pleasure. It can then become frustrating, when you really need to go to bed and get up for work the next day, when all you want to do is learn more and more about your passion.

You learn in life, such as relationships, you gain insight into how you function within them, what sort of person you are and the lessons you learn throughout and when or if they end. Sometimes you walk away with a broken heart, the healing takes time and it may take weeks, months or years to understand what you learnt from that relationship. You may learn things about yourself such as how you acted in certain situations that you know isn’t the real you or is part of you that you dislike or the other person may make you act in a certain way and manipulate you to be someone you are not. Use it to grow and move forward and be the best version of yourself you can be. Heartbreak is awful, sad and is certainly a learning curve of it’s very own. If you are going through it now or have recently gone through it, be kind to yourself, ride the storm, cos it will get easier, it takes time to process the situation but you will come out the other end and will be ready to move on in time.

We learn in death, when we lose someone, a part of us goes with them, but they give us a piece of themselves too, we think about them, we think about their life and we learn from them. We may learn to be braver, to do things we are scared of but want to do. They give us a nudge to push us forward, we want to make them proud, happy and do our best for them. We learn life is short, fleeting and can’t be taken for granted. We learn to grab life with both hands and not be frightened to reach for our goals and dreams to make our life one filled with love, happiness and laughter, so the person we lost becomes part of our life learning, on the journey with us.

Learning is something we don’t think about daily, but it is certainly part of our life on a daily basis. Pick a day and think about what you have learnt. You have probably learnt more than you realised!

Happy learning and enjoy it all!

Have a great week and don’t forget it is Mental Health Awareness Week – 13th to 19th May! Anyone can suffer from a mental health issue, it doesn’t discriminate. Talk to your friends, family and work colleagues, make everyone aware that it’s good to talk and mental health isn’t something to be ashamed of. Look after yourself and your wellbeing.

Love Emma

xx 🙂 xx

2 thoughts on “Every day is a school day!

  1. This is a great post – thank you! I hold an opinion that we don’t encourage people enough to be learners in life. In particular, I think that being a learner with regard to what we be and do as humans is incredibly powerful. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! I agree we don’t encourage people enough and are surprised if someone wants to go on a course or learn about a particular subject. I would certainly be an eternal student if I could be! 😄


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