So, what’s your excuse?

It’s a Saturday night and you have just munched your way through an entire family sized bag of crisps and bar of chocolate and you say to yourself From Monday I’ll eat healthy food and work towards my beach body! Then Monday roles around and it’s raining or you had a bad morning so you eat a hobnob or five and say to yourself I’ll start tomorrow or Wednesday, it’s been a horrible day and one more day won’t make a difference.

You put it off and keep coming up with excuse after excuse and to be fair, they may be quite plausible and you feel happy justifying it to yourself, but the reality is, day after day, nothing changes and you feel annoyed that you didn’t just start when you set out to. You can’t turn back time, but you can just start and stop coming up with excuses.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a day of comfort eating is just what you need to get yourself out of a slump and back into the game. Other times, it can be a slippery slope, the weeks and months pass and six months have gone before you know it and nothing has changed. But still those excuses just keep rolling off your tongue…. I’m away with friends this week so will start next week, I’ve got a party this Saturday so next week, Oh I need to buy that book so will just have to wait, I don’t have the right equipment, I can’t afford to do it now so will just leave it, I don’t want to do it alone, I want a lie in today so will do it later etc etc. We all do it, we all make excuses, I know I do. It took me so long to set up my massage business because I kept saying I’m not quite ready, it has to be perfect.

Reality is, we never feel like we can start something, because quite often there is a fear of the work involved, or our motivation just isn’t there. But why, well, we need to dig deep and ask ourselves why. Why are we stopping ourselves from starting something? What is it that we are afraid of? Failure? Success? Truth is, we are scared of both as failing at something requires starting to change as does success. You wont know you fail or succeed until you try but you have to want to change in the first place. That’s right, you have to WANT change in the first place.

If you aren’t really bothered or aren’t motivated then whatever change you are trying to create will be a slog from the get go. Take the time to really think about what you want, write it down, and drill down into why you want to change, what is it that is fueling your want to change? Is it a desire to feel good? Is it to have your own business? Is it to run a marathon? Is it to change career direction? Is it for health reasons? Think of the outcome you want, close your eyes and feel how you will feel when you reach that goal? Does it make you happy? Excited? Motivated? If you aren’t getting that feeling, then maybe the dream or goal just isn’t right for you and not what you want deep down.

Make sure you are not living a dream for someone else. It has to be yours! Your mum or dad wanting you to be a doctor or an Olympian or your partner wanting you to lose weight just won’t work if you are not the one in the driving seat and committed. Your passion, desire and want has to be there to give you the motivation and spark to push on. It’s your dream, the end result has to be yours, so unless you feel driven to succeed, then don’t do it. Their is nothing wrong with working towards your goals and dreams and then adapting or tweaking them as you go, as change is never a straight line. So don’t think you have failed if you need to make some changes in order to get to live your dreams.

To get back to excuses; if your passion and drive to succeed is there, then you will find your excuses are not. You will no longer see the rain as the excuse or going out with friends as the blocker to eating healthily as you will make the choices you need to, to continue on your path to success.

Losing weight is hard, keeping it off it harder, writing a book is hard, painting the house is hard, setting up a business is hard and so on. But if you have the drive and passion and want to achieve, then no matter what obstacle is thrown in your path, you will kick ass and get to the end result you want.

If you have any dreams or goals you are working towards, this week, listen to see if you give out any excuses, you may not and that is great, or you may just be filled with them. Check yourself, and ask yourself, is this dream or goal really what I want?

Excuses can show us what we don’t want, so listen out for them and start working towards the life you dream!

Have a lovely week and look after you!

Love Emma


2 thoughts on “So, what’s your excuse?

  1. This is brilliant, and precisely what I needed to read at the moment, thank you! The question that I am left with is “For the sake of what am I finding excuses for not actively kicking off my new business…?” and I think it is one that I am going to spend some time pondering. Thank you again for another fabulous post!

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    1. Thank you for reading! Glad that it has helped you identify an area of excuses. It’s so easy to fall into it though! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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