A Letter To Me

Letter writing is becoming something we do less and less of, we tend to text or email or call people. Face to face contact with our friends and family is often done over the internet. Technology makes keeping in touch with people so much easier than it ever has been. But going back to letters, when was the last time you wrote a letter to someone?

We often write letters at Christmas time giving people an update on our lives and what the year has brought us. We write letters at work. Sometimes people write letters that go in a time capsule to be opened up in 100 years, others write a letter to get their feelings out and then destroy the letter, helping them to let go of things or people that have affected their lives.

Today I thought about the journal I wrote when I was travelling and the one I wrote last year, given the last 12 months have flown by for me, I was thinking about how I was feeling last year and knowing what I know now, what would I have told myself back then. Then it made me think of the letters people think about writing to their younger self, giving them advice on what is important, what not to worry about and explaining things will work out, maybe not as planned but things are alright.

But then I realised, writing to my younger self is not going to be as great as writing to my future self, because I don’t know what the next five years holds for me, but I am sure it will be filled with fun, adventure, challenges and the usual life ups and downs. So with what I currently want to achieve by then, I will write to myself about having achieved this. Here is a letter from me for me in five years time…ok so it’s a blog post, but you get what I’m doing!

So you are almost 45! EEK! Not sure where time has gone, but you are still happy and enjoying life. What has changed? Well, you have moved house, once or twice, been on holiday a few more times, had weekends away and still watch the usual tv shows.

Regarding your job, you will be a busy Wellbeing Coach, helping people to become a happier and more positive version of themselves. It took a lot of hard work and patience, but you did it. You achieved your dream, having your own business and enjoying working with clients from all over the world. Be proud. You were afraid to go for it but you plucked up the courage and you took the plunge! Starting a new venture was scary and worrying and stressful but the happiness, joy, fun and adventure as well as the challenges it has brought you has made you stronger, happier and more appreciative of things.

You have kept your promise of doing things that make you happy, you continue to write your blog and your website now is the kind of website you would only ever have dreamed of, it’s professional but playful and your clients like it. Happiness is your driver. Its what gets you out of bed, to make other people happy and enjoy their life, giving to others what you yourself have. You explain to them anything is possible if they believe in themselves and are willing to put in the work. But often you have to help them to believe in themselves.

The vision board you created at your Wellbeing Coaching course is still on the wall and you see it every day, it pushes you to never standstill and stick to your comfort zone, well, at least it stops you from getting too comfy there. It shows your journey as well as the journey you want for your clients. It is a positive statement of what you stand for and what you want your clients to do – transform their life, listen to themselves, do what they want to bring their wellbeing to the forefront of their life, breathe and be proud of what they achieve!

You and Scott are living in a house you love, our forever house. Scott may still be travelling a lot, enjoying his job which is great. You want him to be happy in his work and enjoying what he does. Happiness. As long as happiness is there, our lives will be fulfilled.

You will have lost weight and gained weight a few times, the ebb and flow of your body will continue but this is you and as long as your health is great, then perfect isn’t what you are after. The yoga and walking you do, keep you fit and your wellbeing in check. You love it, well done for sticking with what you love as having learnt in the past doing sports or fitness etc you dislike and find a chore, will never be motivating.

Overall, smile, be proud of what you have achieved and know there is still great things to come your way. Happiness will continue to be your driver and you musn’t let that waiver. Continue to be you and keep making people laugh and smile. Have fun and enjoy the next five years! Life is for living, so keep the adventures, challenges and fun coming.

What would you say to yourself now, for you to open and read in five years time? Maybe your dreams will come to fruition, maybe you will be having plenty of adventures of your own. Whatever you say to yourself, be kind, be proud and write from your heart.

Thanks for reading, take care, have a lovely week and look after you!

Love Emma 😄


13 thoughts on “A Letter To Me

  1. Such a great post, I really enjoyed reading it. Your vision board looks beautiful and inspiring, it’s amazing you put it on the wall and you still look at it. I think this exercise is really good to re-inspire ourselves. I might do it later too, taking advantage that I will be 35. I’m sure we will have womaned up in these goals by then 😉

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    1. Thank you 😊 I loved creating my vision board, it has helped me so much to look at what I want and to push forward…seeing it each day helps for sure! Have fun writing your letter! I’m sure we will have done xx

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  2. This is such a nice idea! I bet it really helps to drive you forward and motivate you to fulfil these things!
    I write letters to my kids every now and then just saying what they’re up to and what they’re like and hope they’ll enjoy reading them when they’re older. (Also nice for me because my memory is awful and it just reminds me of all their lovely quirks at each age)

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    1. Thank you 😊 I’m sure hoping it will keep pushing me on! That is so lovely! Your kids will definitely enjoy reading them. Great idea and it’s the little things we forget so easily so having a reminder of them is beautiful! Xx


  3. Hope you have had a nice day! 🙂🤗🙂

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    1. Thank you, I sure have! It’s been relaxing! I hope your weekend has been good x

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  4. Awesome motivation post – Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Well done for writing yourself a beautiful letter. I also did a well-being course in which we wrote ourselves a (love) letter… and made a vision board. They are so inspiring to create and then refer to – such a great reminder of who we are and what we dream of. Here’s to a wonderful now and here’s to an amazing future! x

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    1. Thank you very much. Yes I look at my vision board often and it keeps me motivated. Right back to you, enjoy the ‘now’ and an amazing future is waiting! X

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  6. Great post we should practice some time writing letter to our self

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    1. Definitely! I think it helps to keep us motivated. Thank you so much for reading.

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