Tick Tock Time

Tick. Tock. Time. It’s always there, always moving on and never standing still. We wish we had more of it. So are we not spending it wisely? Does it mean we are not good time keepers? Does it mean we don’t appreciate the time we have? Hmmm.

I am always saying I wish I could freeze time, time is flying and I need more time. But why? Well I wish I could freeze time, so I can catch up with everything and then be on a clean slate to just get on with life….however, everything I am trying to catch up with, is mainly things I want to do. The more I think about it, realistically, all the stuff I have to do is my life. It is what makes me me and what makes me tick and gives me a purpose. Now, I don’t mean all the annoying things, but generally my to do list is things I want to do and spend time doing, otherwise they wouldn’t be on my list. I want to be productive, so freezing time may give me the chance to be productive, but it wouldn’t give me the satisfaction of completing something in real time.

Time is a huge factor when you are under pressure to achieve or have a deadline to meet. Why not pick something you really want to do and hide the clocks, take away your watch, just forget time exists, and spend as much time on doing something you love and only stop when you want to. Now I am not saying to neglect your kids, partner or work, but if you can, just do as much as you want of something and don’t let time be your barrier. You may find you are so absorbed with what you are doing that time doesn’t exist for you.

Time is an issue for us when we are bored or have something to do we don’t want to. We start complaining that time is going slowly, and it always goes slowly when you are clock watching. So maybe, taking away time is something we need to do. Remove this from our life and we are no longer constrained to being on time for something or having 3 hours to complete a task or having lunch at 12.30pm. We would go about our life, eating when we are hungry, being productive in what we do, spending time with our loved ones and living a time free, care free life. Or would we?

Whatever time means to you, think about how you are using it. If you wish you had more of it, what can you take out of your life or day to free up more time? If it’s moving too slowly, then what do you want to spend your time doing? We do say as we get older time goes quicker, but is that because we are spending more time doing the things we love…as kids we have to go to school which always seemed to drag, for me anyway. Or is it because we know how precious life is and we want to be spending our time doing things that make a difference to us and our life, so life just whizzes on.

The more I think about it, the more my head hurts. We (humans) put time in place, we made time happen. Animals and nature all step to the beat of their own drum, in some way they are driven by time, but they are not defined by it as we are. So many things to think about and I want to make time work for me, I want to enjoy all my time and not waste it. Life is short, time keeps ticking. What are you going to do with your time?

Have a fantastic week, not ruled by time. 🤩 Look after you!

Love Emma


5 thoughts on “Tick Tock Time

  1. Hello Emma , Love your blog . To say I can run oot o time ilky day doing nae much ata ! Yet worked full time all My working life and had 4bairns ..So sit soon hae anither cuppa tea athing will be fine . Take care , May x Sent from my iPad


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    1. Hi May, thank you for reading! I know, some days time can just flutter through our fingers! Having a cuppa is always a great way to spend time! Have a fab week doing what you love! Xx


  2. Crazy, little thing called… time. I have a weird relationship with time. This post was a good invitation to pay more attention to it. Thank you!! 😊xx

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    1. You are welcome! Glad you found it helpful xx

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