How do you treat yours?

It’s been a busy, hardworking day. What do you do when you get home? Make and eat dinner? Sort the kids out and make sure they are happy? Do some exercise? Sit quietly and relax for five minutes? For me, I usually come home and get on with dinner or spend about 10 minutes snuggling with my cat, who soon reminds me that feeding her is more important!

In an ideal world, where you could come home and do what you wanted to make you happy and keep your wellbeing in check, what would you do? Would you have a glass of wine, relax, go out for dinner, come home, have a bath and then go to bed? Or would you get your glad rags on and go out and party? Maybe all you want is to have a bar of chocolate, a cup of tea and sit and read your book! There are so many things you can do for your own wellbeing, so how are you treating yours?

We are very good at putting the wellbeing of others before oursleves, it could be kids, partner, sibling, parents and friends. But for some reason, we and society think doing something for ourselves is over indulgent, but it isn’t. In reality it is soothing for our soul, it is music for our mind and bounty for our body. It is our essence, the pinnacle of who we are. Being happy and following the path filled with what makes our minds go ahhhhhhh and takes away our stress, is a big deal. It should be our number one focus.

Let’s start treating ourselves, our mind, our bodies and our soul with the love, care and respect it deserves. We are so focused on material things or being perfect, we are forgetting about our actual selves….what could possibly be more important than that!

Sitting on the sofa, typing this post, I am aware about the food I have eaten today, the cooked breakfast, the sweets, the chocolate which I don’t normally eat but as I have been away for the weekend, I am in munch mode! But what is all this doing to my body or my mind? I feel bad for eating it all, my body won’t be happy as it doesn’t deal well with lots of sugary things even though it tastes great, why am I being so unkind to my body when it does so many things for me on a daily basis including keeping me alive? Surely I should be more respectful.

My mind, well like I say, I feel guilty for eating it all and I will mull this over for some time today, more so as my body deserves great nourishing food, not just junk. But the more crap I eat, the more crap I feel. My mind feels blugh and foggy – funny as it’s a bit foggy outside today! πŸ˜„ I can be weak willed when it comes to crappy junk food – if it’s right there in front of me, my mind tortures me by telling me how wonderful it will be and how good it will taste and I usually give in, however, if I don’t have it then I don’t or rarely want it so not having it in the house, usually works well for me.

Anyway, this post is about how we are treating our wellbeing not just our bodies. I love coming home from work and cooking, I may spend one evening batch cooking for the week and by the end of it, I feel great! Happy, relaxed and chuffed that I am ahead of the game. Whilst this does wonders for my wellbeing as I know I have saved time for the week, it may not be something you would think for yours. I love doing yoga, I love reading, I love chilling on the sofa watching tv or movies, I love walking, I love reading blogs and magazines. I love being out in the fresh air. I love spending time with Scott. I love Kitkat and her silly ways and her meows. I love my friends and my family. I love my life. All these things are great for my wellbeing! They are things I dip in and out of that make me feel great. Of course there are a million more things I love doing. These things make me happy and I do them when I can. All of these things are great for my mind, body and soul. Putting these together, I am happy and know I am taking care of me! My wellbeing gets treated well!

Our wellbeing is as individual as our own fingerprints. It is unique to you. You have to find something that works for you. You may look at my list and disagree, because your list will be different, what makes my heart and mind sing will not be the same for you and that is perfectly reasonable. If you don’t know where to start with your wellbeing, look at what you love to do and incorporate that into your life daily. You may need to experiment to find out what you love, so do it, don’t say you’ll do it another day, start today. Go on – go, stop reading this and do the best thing for your wellbeing now!

Thank you for reading. Be kind to yourself this week and don’t feel guilty taking 5-10 or even 60 minutes out of your day to do heart sparkling things!

Look after you. πŸ˜„

Love Emma


8 thoughts on “How do you treat yours?

  1. Thanks Emma for another great read … well done you . May x

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    1. Thank you May 🌼 so very kind of you to say xx


  2. Another beautiful post, thank you. I really love your writing! I wonder if is a hard lesson for some of us to learn because we are generally brought up to think of others before ourselves? I know that I took a while to learn this lesson (and am still learning it).

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    1. Awww you are so kind, thank you. I agree, I think some of us are programmed to not put ourselves at the forefront and to ensure everyone else is happy first. It is hard to do, but something I am definitely working on! xx

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  3. Great post, it is so important for us to look after ourselves. I love lots of the same things you do and it is so important for us to read posts like this to remind ourselves that self care in not selfish but necessary.

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    1. That’s it, it is important we do these things for us, so we can then be in a happier and better space which in turn helps our relationships with others. Thank you for reading x


  4. Absolutely love this post – this perspective on individual wellbeing is still missing from people’s headspace. If I was living in an ideal world, my first pleasure once I got home would be to enjoy the silence. Then sit down on a fluffy couch/chair in my balcony, open my laptop and dive deep on WordPress to read and write. I miss this moment in my life so much πŸ™‚ Thank you for another great post ❀ xxx

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    1. The silence is great! That can be so welcoming after a crazy day at work with lots of people and noise! Thank you so much for reading. You are so very kind xx


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