Haircut your life!

How often do you go to the hairdressers and get your haircut? Once a month? Every six weeks? Every 3 months? If your a guy you may not go as often or like my husband, you get your wife to go over it with clippers every few weeks (there was one incident when I forgot to put the cutting blade setting on and went straight up the back of his head and shaved a chunk out of it!) Anyway, for most of us we get our hair trimmed or cut on a regular basis and how regular depends on growth, time, money and need.

I was getting my hair cut yesterday and I loved watching my hair fall to the floor as my stylist Lesley chopped away at it. Although my hair is short, there is nothing better than getting the layers cut back into my hair and leaving the salon with a bounce in my hair and a spring in my step from feeling good. A good haircut can do wonders for your wellbeing!

We go to the salon to trim away the split ends, tidy up our style, refresh our colour and sort out those darn roots! We come away feeling great, happy and pleased! There are times in our lives when we use a haircut or style to make a statement, we may change our look entirely. Think back to a time when you made that change, what was going on in your life? Because we are in charge of what we do with our hair, the colour, the cut and the style, any areas of our lives that are spiraling out of control or someone else is in the driving seat, we often make a change so we can regain the reins giving us a great confidence boost to be in charge of our lives and our destiny. OK I may be over exaggerating – but you know what I mean!

I know in the past when I had a relationship break up, to help move on and to become the new single person, a haircut would help give me the confidence to be that person. I’m certainly not saying that having a haircut or restyle will help you get over your lost love but it can certainly help you start a new chapter as you may never have had that style or colour if you were still with them and so it begins a journey of moving on.

So thinking about your life in general, what areas of it could do with a regular trim or a complete overhaul? Why not apply the idea and frequency of haircutting to your life?

It could be something as simple as every 3 months you go through your wardrobe and donate any clothes you no longer wear (if I did that, I would have nothing to wear pretty quickly, I do envy people whose wardrobes are full of clothes 😊) Or you may decide that you trim those people out of your life that no longer make you feel good about yourself or make you happy!

What about social media? Do you spend a long time on these platforms each day? Could you cut down how often you are on them? Start small – only look at it every other time you pick up your phone or go online.

Think about your job. Do you love it? Like it? Don’t care about it? Is this one area of your life that needs the complete overhaul and restyle? Could you look into making a hobby into a full time career? It may take a lot of time and transition but why settle for the hum drum when you could be jumping out of bed each day excited to get stuck in!

Maybe your family life needs to be more colourful. Do you keep doing the same things with your family all the time, each weekend or evening it’s the same. Why not change it up add some brightness and do something random like archery or horseriding? It could be a one off, but then you may enjoy it and book more sessions. What about your kids? Are you the taxi driver or do you stand on the sidelines cheering them on, whilst freezing? Never feeling like you have a life as you do everything for them. Could you ask for support and say give yourself one hour a week or an afternoon a month to bring some sunshine and colour into your life.

Spend some time thinking about your hair habits and how you could apply them to your life. I know a little colour lift is sometimes all I need to feel great! Apply it to your life and see what it can do for you!

Have a great week, thank you for reading and being such lovely followers. Always look after you and take care 😁.

Love Emma xxx

6 thoughts on “Haircut your life!

  1. I think I need to do the opposite – think about what I’m always ‘fixing’ and get my hair cut. I won’t even say for how long I have been saying “I need to cut my hair”. More than 365. Possibly even 2 years. I was planning to go this Thursday but it seems other people’s plans screwed that… I’m going to try to not let that happen… Thanks for this inspiring and so needed post on hair, truly!! ❤ xx

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    1. Wow that’s a long time but your lucky as your hair is long so not cutting it wouldn’t be as bad. Happy haircutting if you do go soon but maybe you are just waiting for the right moment to do it! Xx 🌼🌈


  2. Great read Emma and lots to think about 🙂 xx

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  3. Lots to think about in this post. It’s true that how you look after your hair can be such a reflection of your life in general. I need my hair done – and I need to give my ‘life’ a bit of extra care and thought too. xx

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    1. Sounds like you need to take some you time! Xx

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