The Advent Of You

You know how it goes; 1st December everyone gets excited for opening their advent calendar! Well, when I say everyone, I mean mainly children, although there is a growing number of Advent calendars for adults such as beauty products, alcohol, fancy chocolate! The list goes on. They are pretty special and I’ve had a couple before. Kids love the surprise everyday and we, as grown ups do too. I mean, why should we miss out on all the fun!

When I was a child (cue 80’s music, bad haircuts and neon clothing) my sister and I used to have an advent calendar. Sometimes we would have one each, and other times we would have to share. The excitement of opening a window each day was always worth the wait….well most of the time, back then as far as I can remember (nearly 40 now, give me a chance 😂) we only ever had picture advent calendars! Like I said, they were great, however nothing compared to the excitement of today’s. I remember being so disappointed, when I got a picture of a bell, holly or a candle. I mean, yes they are all about Christmas but no they are not cute, edible or fun for a child! Who didn’t love it when they got the donkey or a snowman! The joy of opening it added to the build up of Christmas day and the closer we got to the 24th, the more excited we would get!

So obviously there is a religious background to advent. Although it has pretty much lost that element along the way, particularly to us non religious types. But it’s to do with the four Sundays before Christmas or quite often the 1st – 24th December (which is where our advent calendars come in). Christians use this time to remember the real meaning of Christmas. Forgive me if any of that is wrong, it’s not my thing, but respect to you all.

What is it about advent calendars that we love? Is it the ‘wow’ factor, is it the intrigue of what’s going to be behind the door (or for all you 80’s kids, ‘what’s behind the square window!’) or maybe it’s because it becomes acceptable to eat chocolate first thing in the morning! Doesn’t work quite the same with a gin or beer calendar though! 😉 I think part of the reason why we love it so much as an adult, is because it brings us back to the magic of childhood, Christmas and the mystery surrounding it.

But what if we could recreate that magic each day, not just for the 24 or 25 days but for the full 365 days! The surprise of having something little to look forward to, starting the day feeling inspired and ready to take on the world! Well, what you waiting for! You can! No, I’m not suggesting you go out and buy 12 advent calendars to use throughout 2020….although now that I’ve said that out loud….hmmmm I wonder what ones I could get….no, focus…. what I’m suggesting is to write a list of things you want to do, pieces of advice, mindfulness nuggets, items you’d like to treat yourself too, books you’d like to read, movies you want to watch, adventures you want to have, whatever it is you want!

Take your ideas and write them out, fold up the paper and pop it into a jar. Then all you need to do is decide on a date to start – it could be the 1st January or it could just be a random date in any month. Maybe decorate the jar and make it a centerpiece in your living room or bedroom. It would also make a lovely gift for someone. Maybe you wish to stick with the usual 24 days and create this for someone to open for their advent calendar!

I hope you have a lovely start to the month and if you have an advent calendar, then what are you waiting for……go open it! What did you get, what did you get!! 😆

If you do celebrate advent, whether religiously or in the non traditional way. Enjoy the calendars, enjoy the fun and most of all enjoy what hides behind the doors! Have fun in the run up to Christmas! Remember, embrace your inner child!

Have a great week and look after you! 😀

Love Emma xx

4 thoughts on “The Advent Of You

  1. Another good read Emma , well done , you enjoy too. May .

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    1. Thanks May. Always so kind of you to read 😃👍🌼


  2. Love your idea of having a jar – yes! 🥰

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