Goodbye 2019 Hello 2020

As this is my last post of the year, I was going to review my year of blogging and how this has helped me, changed me, got me focused, opened my eyes and mind to new things and generally been a very cathartic process, however I thought I would do something a little bit different.

Think about the story of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Ebenezer Scrooge is the main character who hates all things Christmas, he doesn’t understand all the festivities and why people would waste money. His life is about money. He is a grumpy, sad, lonely old man. Anyway, alone in his house on Christmas Eve night, he is visited by his two dead business partners who tell him to mend his ways and in order for him to do so he will be visited by three ghost. The ghost of Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmasses yet to come! This will help him to mend his ways and bring love into his life.

Anyway, I thought I would use these three ghosts as a basis to reflect on what has been, how things are at the moment and what the future could be.

The ghost of 2019

So what has this year been all about. Well, mainly, for me it was all about happiness and doing what makes me happy. I took the pressure off me to do things I feel I have to, or need to do. Happiness to me is more important. Being miserable I feel isn’t an option, forcing myself to do something which won’t make me happy or result in a positive outcome, isn’t worth it. Life is too short.

There are times when cleaning and boring other things have to be done as no-one wants to live in a dirty smelly house, however, forget about these must do’s! What i’m talking about is when a friend invites you to do something but you know it would make you feel anxious, panicky and you wouldn’t enjoy it, so you decline, you are choosing not to do something for your happiness. There are other times, when you really want to do something but you know anxiety will make an appearance, however, at the same time, the high and excitement make it worthwhile. You are willing to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation for the rewards. I’ve learned this year, to say no to things that don’t make my heart sing or my inner child jump up and down screaming!! πŸ˜† Remember your own wellbeing is more important than pleasing others. Your mental health has to come first.

I’ve left a job that was not filling me with joy and sparking my whoo hoo-ness! That’s a good thing, I found another that makes me smile and happy each day.

I did a wellbeing coaching course, this helped me to work out my own way forward as well as being able to help others in their journey.

I stopped being so hard on myself, life isn’t about being perfect – perfect isn’t real. You have to do you! So be you and embrace everything about you. You are awesome and wonderful and best of all you are unique! Remember BE YOU as no one better is qualified! πŸ˜‰

From this comes comparisons and not comparing yourself to others. Everyone has something going on. Don’t judge others, it’s not fair and really not worth it. You are the only one like you so as above, be you!

2019 present

Today i’m sitting on the sofa tip tapping away writing this post. I am happy, I am enjoying being me and I like where I am. I’m happy. I make decisions based on it. I am proud of where I have got to with my anxiety. It has been a tough journey and breaking at times, however in this moment I feel good. I’m going to keep pushing on my journey and be happy for who I am, what I’ve achieved and how far I’ve come. I love putting my happiness into decisions, it’s not something we are often taught to do. The right thing, isn’t always the happy decision. Whereas generally I feel, the right decision should make us happy!

I want to say thank you to all my followers on WordPress and Twitter and my friends and family. The conversations I’ve had with you really do inspire and amaze me. To me, we are all striving for a happy life with positivity and contentment. We are supportive of one another and i’m thankful you are there. 😍

What’s to come…

Who knows is the short answer! If we knew what was ahead, life would be boring! For me, 2020 is going to be a year where I continue to grow and learn all things wellbeing. What works for me and what doesn’t. I want to be inspired by so many people who are out there bringing happiness and joy, wellbeing and wonder to everyone.

Listening to podcasts, reading articles, magazines and blogs all around the topic of wellbeing is where we can learn so much, it allows us to see things in ourselves and how we can improve.

It’s exciting to see what next year will hold and what will be happening. I’ve many, many things I want to try and do, some things I might not like but I won’t know unless I try. You have to be brave sometimes as wonderful things can come out of pushing through your fears. I started this blog and it’s helped me to have a great inspiring year. But I was terrified to hit publish the first time (but it lessened each time!) I have soooooo much to learn and 2020 will be another year of learning for sure. I LOVE IT! So come on 2020, let’s see what you’ve got.

What are your plans for 2020? What are you going to do to make you happy this year? Is there something you are maybe a bit scared of doing or something holding you back from moving forward? What can you do to get started? Make 2020 a positive year of and for YOU!

Thank you for reading, have a fantastic week and HAPPY NEW YEAR when it arrives. Wishing you love, luck and plenty of happiness for 2020!

Look after you! 😁😍


10 thoughts on “Goodbye 2019 Hello 2020

      1. No problem πŸ™‚ check out my blog when you get the chance πŸ˜„

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  1. A happy New Year to you Emma ,and let’s hope it will be stress free too. Enjoy , good health , be Happy, love May . x

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    1. Happy new year to you too May! All the best for 2020! Xxx 🌼🌼


  2. Lovely post. Wishing you all the very best in 2020…..Like you I wish for health, happiness, self nurturing and fun time with loved ones. XX

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    1. Thank you! All the best to you too! I’m sure it will bring you all those things! Hope you are having a good January so far! Xx


  3. Hey Emma! Lovely to read your thoughts – so full of positivity. You’re a light in the world of blogging and you really spread that blogging love. Excited to see what 2020 brings for you on your wellbeing journey. As for me, I’m with you on thinking life is too short to waste doing a job you hate. So my challenge for this year is to earn a good living doing things I love. I am convinced it’s possible! Lots of love to you for the year ahead! 😘 xx

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    1. Hi Eilidh, thank you so much, you are so kind. I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes us! Sounds like a perfect job! Why shouldn’t you! Looking forward to hearing about it all and it most certainly is possible! Xx


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