When Darkness falls

As we get through January, we encounter darkness a lot. It’s dark in the morning when we go to work and it’s dark before we head home. If we’re lucky, we can get outside at lunchtime to soak up the beautiful daylight! This lack of sunshine in our lives can affect our happiness levels and our positivity.

The darkness may make us want to curl up and stay cosy and shut the curtains or blinds and not venture out into this murkiness! It’s a time of year when we are all set on getting healthy but find it hard when darkness befalls us! But we need to grab those bits of daylight when we can or just get those trainers on and move, getting ourselves outside and exercise regardless if dark or not. Lets not allow the darkness into our head and lose our motivation. Focus on feeling great, and doing the things that get us there.

If you look outside your front door or window in the morning, what do you see? Blackness? Street lights? People leaving for work? Dog walkers? Kids going to school? Birds? Stars? The moon? What about before you go to sleep? I imagine it will be quieter, but with a few more stars if it’s a clear night. So many things going on outside in the darkness that we need not be afraid of it.

When I leave work it’s 5.30pm and it’s dark, however I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to pay attention to my surroundings once I step outside the office. It’s always quiet, as most people leave at 5.00pm. I have been loving hearing the birds singing! They are loudly tweeting away and aren’t bothered in the slightest that it’s dark. Now, maybe their songs are different than those they chirp in the morning, but they still sound happy to me! Notice these small things as it can uplift you and shift how you are feeling.

People don’t speak much when it’s dark, there aren’t many nods of the head or ‘evening’ as you walk past them. We keep our heads down and get to where we need to be. I don’t think anyone is meaning to be rude by ignoring us, it’s dark, it’s cold and we all just want to be warm and toasty, so getting to our next destination is top of the list! I’m one of those people who will say hello to everyone, including the birds that appear at the hedges beside me, dogs that pass, squirrels running up the trees, cats wandering, and any other creature that happens to be around as I’m passing! Try it next time you are out in the evening!

No, I’m not crazy, I feel happy when I see the animals, and they are very much part of our world, so why wouldn’t I say hello, whether at night or during the day.

Darkness can be frightening for many, I worked with a lady who never went out when it was dark if she could help it. She felt uneasy and was worried about the people she’d meet and if she would come to harm. So she stayed safe in her house. Nothing wrong with that, but could her fears have been eradicated by just going out walking with a friend during the winter evenings? I’m not sure. Maybe she should have reached out for help. Speaking to someone about your fears can be lifting and helpful.

Do you know someone who is afraid of the dark? Talk to them and find out what you could do to help them. Ask them what it is they don’t like, has something happened in the past or something from childhood? Maybe you’re scared of the dark? It can affect so much of your life, darkness is inevitable so it is important that we can live with it comfortably. Speak to someone. They can help get you to a good place or find someone that can help you.

Dog walkers are out in all weathers, seasons and times of days, they aren’t frightened (I don’t think). But they do have their trusty companion with them, who is excited and happy to be out for a walk. Be more dog and enjoy being out there looking around for fun and interesting things!

We think bad things happen at night because it’s been ingrained in us that they will. When we were kids and had nightmares it was at night, we associated monsters in our closets or under our bed in our room in the dark. We watch tv shows and movies and all terrible things happen at night, people get murdered, beaten up, fires occur, people run away, etc. It all happens at night. Because it gives it more of an atmosphere, it’s dark, it’s brooding, it’s haunting, it can be foggy and eerie and bleak. People keep to themselves at night. It makes us want to hide under the duvet or hide behind our hands, as we know nothing good is about to happen – I really must stop watching those horror movies!! We may hear a noise when we’re in bed and think someone is in the house – that may just be me though! 😀 There have been many a times when I’ve made Scott get up to have a look and check.

So next time you are heading out and it’s dark, listen out for the birds or the animals and look around you. Other people may be about, but chances are they are minding their own business and just getting on things. Don’t be afraid, just be sensible and use your common sense. If things don’t feel right, don’t go in that direction. Avoid areas you know are dodgy and stay where there are street lights where possible. Oh and stop watching the movies and tv progammes that scare you! (That’s more for me!)

The darkness is beautiful. Look up and see the stars. watch how the world quietens at night, all is still. It can be quite mesmerising.

Have a great week and look after you! 😉

Love Emma xx

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