Wonder & Wow

How has your week been? Did you go about your week with an awareness of all your five senses after reading my blog post from last week? If you did, that’s brilliant, it will have certainly made you more grounded, in the moment as well as appreciate the sights, sounds, smells and tastes you may usually take for granted. What about touch? Did you pay more attention to objects or materials when you touched them as well? Keep hold of these thoughts as you read on….

Ever got out of bed and opened the curtains and been in awe of what you see? Was the sun rising making the sky turn a beautiful orange and yellow hues? What about when you move house, you open the door to your new home and as you are unpacking you are moving from one room to the next putting things here or there but are seeing the rooms for the first time as you are truly paying attention. You have a sense of wonder. You are excited and really are in the moment as you enjoy (once you’re over the stress of moving) your purchase. Everything about it makes you smile and you are truly happy. You think nothing can top that feeling.

We have a fantastic view from our window, every day the sun rise is different, if its a clear day, then the views go on over the Forth, if it’s a wet day, the cloud can be low meaning we can’t see anything apart from the houses down the road. But I can honestly say, I have a sense of wonder when I open my curtains each day. I am lucky.

Sunrise from our house

We don’t seem to have an excitement for things as we go through our day…..

As children, everything is exciting, you go from day to day, activity to activity, with pure joy and excitement, nothing is taken for granted. We got excited for the chocolate bar we were going to eat or the new toy we were going to get. We looked at things differently. We didn’t tend to look past the day we were on, so everything in that day mattered. It could’ve been the last day we ever did something (but didn’t know it), so we appreciated the smallest things. Remember playing with your toys and then having to tidying them up to go to bed. The disappointment was written all over our faces!

So going back to opening the curtains in the morning, as adults we do it, then get on with our day, sometimes there is a sense of dread. Ugh.. work, or the commute or the thought of getting out of a warm and cosy bed as you are snuggling in with your partner and pet. But a child doesn’t think like that, a child may or may not jump out of bed with excitement, but their morning is very much a new day, new start, new bowl of cereal and a learning experience. However, fun will most definitely ensue.

Be curious, children say the word ‘why’ about 800 times each day! Kids love to ask why, they want to know more, unlike many of us adults, when we accept things the way they are, children wont, they will ask why to get to the answer. Next time you are given an answer that you aren’t quite in agreement with or you don’t understand, question it. Be like the child and ask why.

Remember when it was bedtime story time and you were excited to know what happened next, but had to wait until the following night as you couldn’t keep your eyes open, but tried so hard. Now, instead of reading all night to finish your book, read a chapter a night or close the book on a cliffhanger so you have to wait to find out more. It may take you a few more moments to fall asleep as you ponder what could happen next, but tune in tomorrow night to get the latest installment!

Approach your day and the tasks within it like you are seeing and doing them for the first time. If you are stuck on something and can’t quite find the answer you’re looking for then be like a child and think out of the box. You never know, that crazy idea, may work or may lead onto something else which will give you the answer you require.

Have a lovely week and go through it with a sense of wonder and childlike awe. It’s great being an adult but sometimes children have the right attitude, they don’t let a bad day ruin their week, they are excited by the small things and want to have fun. What childlike wonder can you add to your week? Open your eyes and view things like you are seeing them for the first time, or try looking at things from a different perspective. Have a wonder….ful week.

Enjoy, take care and most importantly look after you.

Love Emma xx

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