Food Shaming

Now you will have all heard of fat shaming or body shaming when you make someone feel bad for the way they look and the size they are. It’s not funny and it can be extremely hurtful. It doesn’t matter what size or shape someone is, what matters is whether they are a decent human being.

Food shaming, is similar to fat shaming except it’s based on peoples food choices/diet. People aim to make others feel bad because they eat or don’t eat certain food groups or follow a specific diet whether for health reasons or otherwise.

I eat all things, I don’t have any food intolerance’s, and for that I’m grateful. I have friends that are dairy intolerant, celiac, vegetarian and vegan. I don’t care what they eat, I don’t make friends based on food choices and certainly don’t bang on about what I eat to them, unless of course it was the best sticky toffee pudding ever! 😀

I’m usually a calm and fairly laid back person, it takes a lot to rile me and make me mad. But the other day I was so disappointed, angry and saddened to read a post on social media that was blaming meat eaters for the COVID-19 outbreak. The post was blurred out for me as it stated that it contained ‘Partly False Information’, it stated that the information could be misleading or incomplete. The person that posted it, did not write it I should add, but was re-posting it from another person. (they have since removed it). It was written by vegan influencer Ed Winters. See the post below:

Now, I’m not saying he can’t post what he likes, it is a free world and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but what made me mad was the timing of it. Did he really think highlighting this now would be useful? It made me angry because it isn’t helping the situation right now, it isn’t helping to save the lives of the people who have COVID-19 right now. It isn’t going to prevent someone getting the disease if they suddenly stop eating meat. People are dying, seriously ill and the world is struggling and shaming people will not help this situation improve.

At a time when the world is in crisis, food shaming people isn’t the answer. This disease does not discriminate against your diet so why should people think that now is the right time to share something so provocative and unhelpful. There are scientists doing their best to find a cure, and working day and night to do so. They know how the disease started, but aren’t saying ‘oh well, because you eat meat it serves you right’, no, they just want to find that cure and end it.

Pulling together, supporting each other and doing what we can to ensure our elderly and vulnerable neighbours and family are safe and have what they need is the most important thing right now. It doesn’t matter what you eat, if you are vulnerable to get it then you need to stay safe and distance yourself from others. And at the same time, making sure you are still in contact through calling, video chat or social media. Make sure no-one you know is going to be lonely, we all need to get through this together.

Having read the fact checkers article on this post, there are some valid points there, they stated the info was partly false. The reason being was diseases from animals to humans can be passed on in other ways, such as close contact or proximity. So we would need to avoid them rather than just stop consuming them.

So in the weeks and months to come, as most of you do, don’t focus on what a person eats, if they are a decent human being then that’s all that matters. Food shaming is not going to help us in our current situation. Yes there are lessons we can learn, but right now, lets all do what we have to, to fight this and be healthy.

Thank you for reading, be safe and look after you and yours.

Love Emma xx 🌼 😍

9 thoughts on “Food Shaming

  1. Great call. I find that kind of posts harmful. I understand now why I never really liked extreme healthy gurus – at some point, this kind of information is overly spread and not questioned. Although over the years I started to prefer more vegetarian dishes, I like to eat everything – and to keep that as a personal option. I wish we could be more conscious and thoughtful on the overconsumption factor but I surely don’t agree with shaming people over their food preferences. Thanks for such a great post, it really is xx

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    1. Thank you Vanessa for reading and for your comment! I agree it is personal choice and there are definitely things we could do better! Thank you. Stay safe xx


  2. Great post you have highlighted here and first I heard of this was here.
    It’s words like this that cause unnecessary upset and false rumours that can easily cause panic. We certainly don’t need this.
    I only eat chicken and it’s not often I have it. I am mainly veg, fish and othrr foods, but what another person eats is no my business.

    Away from this partly as regards the virus but what we choose to eat is our own affair, as you know I have gone dairy free since last year for health reasons. I am really biting my lip with someone at work who is preaching why I should have milk in my diet and I will know about it later etc.. I have had this many times in a short space of just a few months. He only knows half the story why I felt I had to do this. He is not in my shoes and knows how it felt, how long it went on for and how close I could have been having a hospital appointment.
    If I hear it once more directly from him how and why I should have milk I shall tell him to button it and point this out as well as point out he is not a doctor and my own doctors and a nurse if fully supporting in my decision. And I expect him to respect my choices, because I will take my complaint to manager if he says another word.

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    1. Hi Liz, thank you for reading and for your comment. Very true, right now we don’t need any more people panicking. Exactly, why do people care so much about whether you have milk in your diet….it effects only you, so it is bizzare that your work colleague is preaching to you. It shouldn’t matter to him or anyone. You are doing what you have to, to be healthy and not be ill as a result. Your choice! Take care and stay safe xx

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      1. Yes, it’s just him. He is not only just annoying me, but some of the others are annoyed of him too.
        Don’t get me wrong. He is a pleasant guy and a very good worker, but there are other things we are seeing as he has been with us this year and we are all biting our lips. I was the first to bite mine and have bern months, but I only need to hear him just once more and I will tell him to button it.

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      2. Sounds like a plan…it is none of his business and he should understand that not everyone can eat dairy! 🌼

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      3. When I gave up dairy, I found I benefitted in another way and not just the reason I gave it up for. So there is no going back for me. It’s only a little I let in now and again and that’s if when eating out I choose to have a chicken roast dinner. But I will never allow the anything bigger, like milk, cheese, etc.. that contain huge amounts, because I know it doesn’t gel with me after having a chicken and mushroom pie once. (The sauce in the pie.)

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      4. You have to look after yourself and who better placed to know what your body needs than you! X

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      5. That’s exacty right.

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