15 Life Lessons from Our Cat

I hope your week has been good and you are well. I thought I would do something fun and lighthearted whilst equally getting you to think about what you could do in your life to be more carefree like a cat!

We have a cat, called Kitkat and she is our girl, she is lovely, soft, spoilt, well loved and has us running around after her all the time. She was a rescue cat and we got her when she was a year and a half. She is now 13 but still as feisty and bossy as ever.

Over the years we have watched her grow and adapt and do her thing. Her traits and ways of life make us laugh and bring us joy. We can learn a lot from her and below are some of these lessons.

  1. Persistence pays off – When you are sleeping and cosy, Kitkat will wake you up, paw in your face and meow in your ear for either attention, warmth or food. She often settles back down, but every so often she will try again until you give in and get up!
  2. Anywhere is a bed – Laptops and keyboards are great to stand on and sleep on, it doesn’t matter what you are working on. She will happily just get in your way to be comfy.
  3. Kitkat is No.1 – Working from home and going about my day, Kitkat will jump up and demand attention regardless if I’m mid sentence on a work email or on the phone to my boss or colleague.
  4. Time to move on – you can be having a lovely snuggle with Kitkat, lots of purring and then whoosh, she tries to bite your hand. She is letting you know she has had enough and to leave her alone. Why she can’t get up and walk away is a mystery!
  5. Be in the moment – Nothing is more important than our undivided attention – so in an evening when watching tv and doing things on our phone or ipad, Kitkat will happily nudge the phone out the way and get right up in your face to basically say ‘put it down and LOOK AT ME’.
  6. Share – My blanket = her blanket. She may make it look like she jumped up to snuggle with me, but really she knows the blanket I have is much better quality than the ones she has. Suitcases are similar, if you’re packing, it doesn’t matter, she will be in it and lying down before you can say Dreamies!
  7. Every so often scare the crap out of someone – When we’re in bed and sleeping, head on the pillow, quite often Kitkat will put her head on it as well but you only find out when you wake up to see her wide eyed and staring at you!
  8. Don’t forget me – whilst your sleeping she will happily climb on your pillow and hair and walk all over you and then plonk herself down on you, just so you know she is there. This isn’t done quietly or lightly.
  9. Blend in with background noise – Snoring – Is it my husband or is is Kitkat? I don’t know, because they sound very similar and both are loud. Sometime they are both snoring together!
  10. Opportunity awaits – an open door is an opportunity, whether to escape, hide or explore, if you’ve opened it, she will go through it. Equally a closed door is a curiosity.
  11. Tuna and prawns are delicious – these are the only foods that Kitkat will meow like crazy for. If we are making tuna sarnies, no matter where she is, when we open the can she will come running! With prawns she will purr and drool waiting for you to be kind and give her some…. Ok I know, I know I shouldn’t but who can resist that cute wee face, the purring and the drool!!
  12. Believe – The front door is a portal to a different world. Therefore if it’s raining out the back she will go and sit at the front door as it wont be…. five seconds later…in through the cat flap…wet….hmmm maybe she thinks she got sucked into a wormhole and ended up at the back.
  13. Treats are important – Kitkat loves Dreamies (whose cat doesn’t) and will happily try to knock them off the table and hope to break into them, hoping the lid will fall off.
  14. Routines are important – ie. feeding treats in the morning before work = treats every day of the week. Maybe the trick at the weekend is to not open those curtains! Also she takes herself up to bed at the weekends, as we have clearly gone past our weekday curfew! This also applies to feeding – see lessons 1, 7 and 8.
  15. Bring out your inner child – Play games – running up the stairs, no matter how much of a head start I have, Kitkat will win. She does nearly knock you over with speed, force and her ability to get in your way! But she is a sore loser when we play ‘Where’s the cat’! (Hide and seek, she hides and I seek!)

So there you have it! I hope in some way Kitkat has inspired you with her life lessons. She certainly keeps us on our toes and we love her to bits. She is our family and makes us laugh and smile every day, she brings comfort when we need it and equally annoys us when she needs it. But we wouldn’t change her for the world.

Wherever your week takes you, be more like Kitkat and look after you!

Thank you very much for reading, take care and keep doing what you’re doing to stay safe and well.

Love Emma xx 😁🌼

4 thoughts on “15 Life Lessons from Our Cat

  1. Kitkat is so pretty! She looks a lot like our outdoor cat that my daughter named Catlitter. He passed away earlier this year. It always amazes me how cats can just sleep through anything! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww I love the name! That’s such a shame, always said to lose them😥 Yes They do have a knack to do that…exception being when the can opener is used for tuna haha 😆. Thank you for reading xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 🤣 Ooooh yes, Kitkat’s life lessons are very valuable indeed. (and as a bonus, absolutely hilarious!) I loved this post so much as a cat mama and cat lover myself! Plus, she is irresistibly adorable!

    Aren’t they the best work partners? Our Dizzy knows when I will be up writing and won’t go to bed. She (usually) sits next to me on a box or chair with blanket and telepathically feeds me all the stories and words I could ever need to write the most brilliant blog post you’ve ever read. She is after-all a complete and total genius. What cat isn’t?!? ha ha. Sounds like ol’ cutie Kitkat is working her magic for you, all while sleeping on the very spot you need! 😉 As you say, Kitkat is always #1!

    Loved everything about these life lessons and the humorous heart you wrote it with. Thank you for making me smile! I’ve shared with others so they too can come and enjoy! ♥

    All my love to you and your sweet family!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. You are so kind. They sure are! I do love it when she comes to investigate what I’m working on. Love that Dizzy is super helpful and gives you all what you need. 😀 Your words are so kind, thank you so much. I really appreciate that. I wanted to make people smile with this post. Pets are family and are definitely helping us at this time. Take care xx

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