Guided Meditation 4

We are all coping as best we can at the moment, for some it’s definitely not easy. I hope you are all taking care and looking after your mental health. Never be afraid to ask for help, please reach out and speak with your friends and family. These are strange times and we need to look out for one another.

Today I’m going to do the fourth and final (for the moment) guided meditation. I have recorded it for those who prefer to listen instead of reading. So get yourself comfy, whether on a seat with your feet touching the floor or lie down on a mat or your bed. Lets go.

I’m going to take you on a relaxing journey, helping you to unwind and let go of any stresses. You might want to read this a couple of times or listen to my audio recording below. I’ll start by getting you relaxed before beginning the journey.

Night Sky

Close your eyes, and take a slow and steady breath in through your nose and let it out through your mouth, now breathe in through your nose again to the count of four, hold for two seconds and then breathe out through your mouth to the count of four. For your third breath in, count to four, hold for two and then release through your nose. Throughout this meditation, try to breathe in and out through your nose, but if this isn’t right for you, continue as normal. This is all about relaxing, so don’t worry or struggle as you won’t get the benefit.

Now you are comfortable, start with your feet and let them do their thing, if you are sitting, make sure there is no tension in them as they touch the floor, if you are lying down, let them flop out. Moving to your legs, tense them up and then relax them, try not to hold the tension, let it go. Feel your knees and legs relax and let them be.

If you carry tension in your hips, take a few breaths in and as you are releasing it, send it out to your hips to relax, picture them loosening and letting go of the tension.

Let any thoughts you have come and go, let them flow in and out again, no need to get involved with them, let them pass.

As you continue to relax and breathe, move your attention to your abdomen. Feel your breath inflate your lungs and your belly rise and fall. Relax.

Shoulders can hold tension, if it helps, tense them up and then let go and relax, if you are lying down, try to feel the mat or bed underneath them, try not to hug them in, you may need to take a few breaths here to do this. (I know I do) Relax your neck too, you shouldn’t feel any pain or strain and if you do, adjust your head to take away the strain. Let the tension go.

Focusing on your arms, how are they placed? Find what is right for you, straight by your side or rested on your belly. Do what you find comfortable, that releases any tightness.

Take a long and steady breath in and slowly release. Continue to breathe steadily and calmly. Steady and calm.

You are standing in a square room, this room is a gateway to your calm place. As you look around the room, you see four glass doors, one on each side. You select one.

As you open the door, darkness surrounds you and it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust. As you step outside you see stars above and as you walk on the footpath, lights start to glow along the path guiding you. It’s beautiful! You pick up the pace and walk quickly, eager to see what awaits you.

The path meanders around and you are walking along a river bank. You hear the water smoothly cascading over the the rocks and pebbles. It’s a calming and beautiful sound, it relaxes you as you continue your walk.

You stop for a moment, and turn around and look up. You are surprised when you see a bright full moon. As it hits the river it twinkles and sparkles, the water dances in the moonlight. It’s picture perfect. The moon is like torchlight, lighting up the surrounding sky. You take a few slow deep breaths as you admire the beauty of it all, you take a photo in your mind, so you can recall it later.

The lights guide you away from the river bank and you walk onto a raised wooden platform. You notice a seat and beside it a telescope. There’s a rug on the floor with lots of cushions. You find a note pinned to a cushion. It reads ‘look up and admire the beauty, your eyes are the gateway into other worlds’.

You sit on the seat, pulling it up to the telescope. You then look through the eyepiece and bring the night sky into focus. At that moment you realise you were holding your breath. You let it go and take a deep breath in and slowly release. As you look at all the wonderful stars in the sky… can see them clearly, a little glimpse into the past but also of beauty. We are not a lonely planet, but are part of something truly spectacular.

You slowly move the telescope round to view the moon. The clear sky makes it easy to do. The man in the moon looks back at you, and for a moment his smile widens and you wave. Casting your eyes over the lunar surface you see craters and the dusty grey landscape. It’s quiet and mesmerizing, truly breathtaking.

You notice your breathing has slowed and you are content. Spending several minutes looking at the night sky your mind wanders. You know life out there beyond the moon exists, you wonder if you will ever know of it, in this lifetime. We are such a tiny piece of life here on earth, let alone the universe, but we are here and we are all so precious. You vow to appreciate yourself more and all you have. Your eyes truly are the gateway into other worlds.

You move away from the seat and leave the telescope, but decide to take a seat on the rug, you get yourself comfy, close your eyes and take several long and slow deep breaths. As you settle into this breathing rhythm, you picture the beautiful sites you saw through the telescope. You imagine yourself floating in space and passing by all the wonderful stars and planets, moons and comets. You are in awe of it all. You continue to breath slowly for several moments.

You bring your awareness back to the present, and as you open your eyes and look to the sky, you witness a shooting star and you make a wish.

You stand up and say a silent thank you to the stunning sky. You walk towards the path and follow it around where it catches up with the river. Hearing the water you know you are close to home. And just as you think that, you see a small building with a door. You walk towards it. You have a final glance up to the sky, as you reach for the door handle. You open the door and find yourself back in the room where you started. You feel calm and peaceful.

Now slowly open your eyes.

Thank you for reading and/or listening. I really appreciate it. I hope you are now feeling relaxed and calm and ready to get on with your day or have a good nights sleep. Take care throughout your week and be sure to have some time to yourself. Stay safe, be kind to others and look after you.

Love Emma xx 😀

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