The End Or Beginning?

Everything we start has a beginning, a middle and an end. We started school, we studied and then we left. We got in a car, learned how to drive, then we could drive. We start a job, we work, we retire. Us – we are born, we have a life and sadly we die. Everyone will go through this. Everything has these three stages whether each stage lasts a moment or for 40, 60 or 100 years. But we forget that we are in the midst of life, in that journey. I’ve spoken about journeys before, but everything we do is a journey, from not knowing things, to understanding and to using them. To starting work at 9, working and finishing at 5. Making dinner, we put things in a pan, we cook and then we eat. By now I am sure you get the picture.

But no ending, except maybe death, (I’ll come back to that later) is really the end. The end is the beginning. When we finish school, we don’t just stop and sit down and not do anything for the rest of our life. By getting an education, this gives us opportunities. From their we move forward. When we get a job of which we can have many in a lifetime, we move through various roles and move on to companies that can support our growth. Nothing ever ends.

We start things, (apart from school as we have to go) because we want to grow and know more and when they end, we may feel sad or we may be elated because we can finally move forward. The saying:

‘When one door closes, another one opens’

is so true, doors open and close all the time, we only see the ones that are impacting us at the time. Endings are new beginnings, opportunities to be had and enjoyed and sometimes they come out of joy and fun and others come out of sadness and grief. But our life is full of endings, think of times in your life when something has finished, it may be that house project you were working on – building that extension or that French course you have been doing. When they finished these things didn’t end. You can now enjoy spending time in your extension, the games room built on that you always wanted or now you can speak French, you go on holiday and chat to the locals, you can now speak the lingo and this has opened up going off the beaten track and going somewhere non touristy.

Who doesn’t love an adventure? Endings and beginnings are just that. You come to a stop and you may have been on a road well travelled or uncharted territory but something will always be next, there is always a next step or phase or something following on from it which will propel you forward into something else.

What makes you want to start something new? We usually look to make a change when we become bored, we are looking for a challenge, something to make us happy, grief, love, circumstances etc. Our passions may help us decide what we want to do. We can be gripped by doing something fun, new and exciting and we want to change or improve ourselves and learn, or it could be necessity driving us! No matter what it is, an ending, usually brings about a beginning. And so we begin.

When we start something, we may already know the outcome or what it will likely be, but it might take time to get there, taking many twists and turns. We often wish we could just be at the end, have the qualification, or be finished the painting or ended the walk, or moved on, rather than do the journey, feel what we need to feel. But it is what it is. We do it and then we finish. And once again the end becomes the start of something new.

About death, this is personal and the end of a life doesn’t necessarily mean the end forever, you may believe in heaven, or angels and the soul of your loved one lives on. Then they will live on and truth be told, they will always live on inside you anyway. You will hear their voice, you will think of them often. They are not far away from your thoughts, they are never truly gone. Their end is a beginning for you, living without them. But they will always be close. Another way to look at it is, we are all made up of the elements found on our planet, when we die, we go back to being part of the planet. We live on, so no one truly disappears.

Endings and beginnings are constant. You can’t have one without the other. We have so many things going on and we can be focused on getting to the end of something in order to start the next chapter. There is nothing wrong with this as I do it too. But take a step back and really see what is going on, everything in nature has a beginning and end, nature is cyclical. We are too, but often forget that things have to end and new things begin. We don’t like change, but you wouldn’t be where you are today without it. Change helps us grow, it makes the beginnings great, the middles full of experience and the end a celebration of what has been, opening the door to the new.

Think about all your beginings and endings this week, see how they link and move you on. Some may be positive whilst others negative, but still you keep moving on. We have to have endings, so a new beginning can take shape. No matter how scary or exciting it is, it will pass, you will be ok and move on.

Lots of love to you all, stay safe, look after you and take care.

Love Emma xx

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