Who’s Looking Back?

You are wandering through some woods and you come across a pond/lake/loch, you are standing on a small rickety old wooden bridge and you lean over, (no, you don’t fall in!). Staring into the depth, you see your reflection staring back at you. As the water is still, it’s a perfect image. You question who that person is. Is it the real you or the one you put out to others? Is it the real you or is it who you want to be? What is your reflection saying to you that you are not saying to anyone else? Are you not real? Are you your reflection?

Does your reflection, whether in water or in the mirror, show who you truly are? Or is your reflection not a true representation of you? What would make you look in that water and see the real you staring back? What is it that you are hiding from the world that you are too afraid to project?

We often put a slightly different version of ourselves out there for people to see. It could be in the way we dress or look, or maybe you’re holding back your personality as you’re worried it may be too much or you’ll seem boring? Being comfortable with who we are can be a huge hidden problem for us. But what is it you are afraid of? If your reflection could talk – what would you tell yourself?

Lots of questions, but you have the answers. Why is your reflection not you? Why is it a stranger? You can’t be you if you don’t know who that should be. Maybe you want to change who you see or who you are and that reflection is a reminder of what you want or wish you could be. Lets make it happen, strip away the shadow you and replace it with the real reflection.

If you are not the image you see staring back at you, then think about what it is you want to change. We all struggle with who we are from time to time and there is no shame in that. Our lives move on and we grow and adapt. Our likes and dislikes shift our perspective on things. A simple example is to think about that top, dress or t-shirt you bought 5 years ago that you’ve not worn for over 3 years….why not? Has your style changed? Did it not feel ‘you’ anymore? Things change and you may not have even noticed.

The ‘you’ in the mirror that’s different from the real you, whether looks or deep behind your eyes, what is it you are holding back? What version are you being that you think others will like and you may not? Has being hurt in the past meant you’ve put your guard up and you don’t let anyone in? You just give them a glimmer of who you are.

There will always be parts of you hidden from others. No-one knows our thoughts, but are you intentionally keeping things out of sight? When you look at your double staring back at you from the water or the mirror, are you satisfied? This hidden side of us can be a struggle. Could talking to someone help to ease that?

You may look calm to the observer, however, when you see yourself, are you seeing the inner workings of you? Is the hard work you’re putting in to ensure chaos doesn’t shine through ruining the illusion that you’re not perfect or have it all together? But why? Sometimes we need to be real and be that person we don’t think others want to see. Because the chances are, they are doing it too! Projecting the false you out to the world when it isn’t realistic – how exhausting!

I’ve spoken about putting the real you out there before and not being afraid to sparkle. Take a look in the mirror, what differences do you see? How you look? Or is it the hidden aspects of who you are? Maybe you are being the real you, you like what you see as you are telling your truth!

Whatever you see in that mirror or pond, be kind to yourself. From time to time you won’t like what’s staring back at you. However, you can work on being who you want to be and if you want to change your looks, personality, thoughts, the way you project yourself to others, then take small steps and begin. The chances are, you will be much happier for it.

Have a great week and look after you!

Love Emma xx

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