Grab A Moment For You

I took two days off work this week, for nothing in particular. I had days to use up. We may not be able to go anywhere but taking time away from work is vital, especially if you are working from home, you need to move from the space, rest, and give your brain a break.

About a week before my holiday, I created a list of all things I wanted to do whilst I was off. But the list kept growing and I knew I wouldn’t get to do it all as there are only 24 hours in a day! It is meant to be time off, so I certainly didn’t want to put pressure on myself to achieve everything on the list as much as I would love it if I could. After all, it was all things I wanted to do.

So, I picked one thing from my list, which was reading, I had a magazine which I wanted to get my teeth into, I grabbed a cuppa and got comfy and settled in and flipped open the pages. I never gave myself a time limit, I never made it so there were stipulations in me doing so, like I often do e.g. just for an hour or I’ll read x number of pages. I read until I didn’t want to anymore and then I started an online course I had signed up for and I repeated my plan. At the same time I did a foot mask and drank peppermint tea like there was no tomorrow! All in all I had a brilliant few days, I went walking and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. I know I’m extremely lucky that I can take a day to myself as I don’t have any children to look after or any other responsibilities – other than a husband😁.

Being away from work and the constant ‘to do’s’ was invaluable. We all should do this more, don’t look to do the things you should but the things you want and love. I know it may not be possible to do this, but even taking a short bit of time can do wonders.

How many of you can honestly say you have taken time for yourself over the last week? Month? Year? Ever? What did you do? What would you like to do?

If time isn’t your friend or your family just wont give you 5 minutes peace, here are a few ideas for you to get some time just for you.

  • Lock yourself in the bathroom for 10-30 minutes, whether you have a bath and read or listen to music or perhaps you are just taking time away from it all and you sit on the floor or in the empty bath and play a game on your phone, call a friend, watch a TV show or get your guitar out and strum away.
  • If your working from home then use the time you would normally use for commuting and do something you love. Maybe you used to read or listen to your favourite podcast whilst making your way to work. Take the time back and do your favourite thing.
  • Got a car but not going anywhere? Get in the passenger seat, maybe during your lunch break, give yourself a change of space and a chance to do something you love.
  • Sitting on the loo – well, why not! You won’t be disturbed, maybe you do a daily quiz on your phone or Sudoku, or perhaps you use an app to learn a language but just don’t seem to get the time and you want to be fluent for your next holiday, whenever that will be. Use the time to do.. erm…what you need to as well as how to ask for a glass of wine and some chips 😀! But please, whatever you do, wash your hands!
  • Maybe your partner finishes work at a different time and you get an hour on your own, but you usually make the dinner, well, ask them to take responsibility for the meal one day a week and on that day use the time for you. Whether you take a yoga class or want to binge watch a series, or you have a desire to paint a picture you’ve been wanting to do for years, get to it, use the time for you!

As you can see if you don’t have time to spend a whole day doing what you love, carve out the time when you can, as you can see, often we have moments that we don’t really take into consideration. But these times can be great for grabbing a few minutes for yourself, to do whatever you wish.

We often think there’s no point in starting something if we don’t have a lot of time, but really, you can achieve a lot in just a few minutes, it’s focused time. So, whether you have a massive project your’re working on or a magazine you want to read, grab the time you can and enjoy the moments for yourself. You deserve it!

Take care, have a beautiful week and look after you.

Love Emma xx

2 thoughts on “Grab A Moment For You

  1. I certainly make sure I take time for me. I need to, with what I have going on.
    And yes, you are so right, just because we can’t go anywhere doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use our annual leave at work. We are entitled to this, so yes, take time if to use it at home in some way. Its still a break. Something our work place reminded us of last year, to use our entitlement, so we get our breaks, to look after our own health.

    I have a week coming up in March for my evening job and same in May. I may put annual leave in May for my morning job, as holiday period is different in that job, as it has to be used by end of June and restarts in July. So that’s my plan with that one.
    I was asked if I be going anywhere and said, well I haven’t made any plans as no guarantees. But even if there was, I am not going anywhere. But I still want my break. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Definitely a good plan and more so if you have two jobs, making time for you is important. Enjoy your time off when it comes. 🌻

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