Lightening To Thunder Plan

Randomly, we had a flash of lightening and rumble of thunder the other day, followed by a downpour of hailstones. It was one of those days in Scotland which had 4 seasons in a day!

When you think of thunder and lightening, what do you think of? What words does it conjure up for you? Loud, flash, frightening, natural, weather, anger, fury, clearing, reset, electricity? The list could go on as whatever 10 words it brings up for me, you will likely come up with other words I haven’t thought about. Thunder and lightening, if sound was quicker to travel it could happen at the same time, sometimes it does, depending on how close it is. It’s funny how we call it thunder and lightening when we observe the lightening first.

Thinking about the lightening, is there an area in your life that could do with a jolt? Perhaps your job is feeling a bit blah and boring at the moment and you would love for it to be a bit more inspiring, interesting or even challenging. Or maybe your wardrobe is pretty dire and you want to brighten it up so you feel good and sparkly. Maybe there’s a room in your house that could do with a bit of an overhaul to bring some life back into it. Quite frankly at the moment, we are all finding areas of our life that could do with a spark.

Think of what you want to change, and use lightening as the source behind it. You want quick fixes, something that will instantly happen or within a very short time frame ie a day. Lightening is the flash of inspiration, the moment it takes for an idea to flicker across our mind as well as the time it takes to do the action. You want to make your room more appealing and bright, then what can you remove from it instantly that will make that happen? If not, what have you got in the house that you can add to it, can you move cushions from another room, can you grab a couple of colourful pictures and hang them up. Maybe all it needs for an instant lift is to move the furniture around, open the windows and let the fresh air in.

We often think of the things we need to do as laborious or mundane or we have to get people in to make our rooms better or spend lots of money to buy new clothes. But think of what you can instantly do to rectify the situation or just make it sparkle! If it gets you feeling better about a situation and provides instant satisfaction and happiness, then lets see what you can do. Another example could be your colleagues are not being supportive. A quick fix could be to call a friend and chat to them about it, or speak to your colleagues and listen to their point of view. If you’re feeling frustrated about it, when you get home or if you are home, scream into a pillow and get the frustration out. The quick fix must help you and not put you in any danger or anyone else for that matter.

So the flash of lightening has occurred and a wee while later the rumble of thunder can be heard. Ok so now is the time to think things through. What do you want to do in the long term about your room issue or colleague problem, or your clothes. If you’ve sat with the quick fixes for a day or two and they are slowly starting to wear off, then you need a longer term solution.

I’d suggest you grab a blank piece of paper or open a blank document on your tablet/laptop/phone and write down what it is you want to rectify. Then write or type all you can think of to help you, don’t leave anything off the list no matter how ridiculous or expensive, the more you jot down, the more likely you will come up with some great ideas. Once you are finished, circle the ones you like and are practical for you to implement. Think about your next step…do you have to buy things if so, where from? Does it have to be new or can it be second hand? Do you have to save money first? Maybe all you need to do, is buy some paint and your room will look amazing. Or are you going to call a joiner for a quote to make your house look magical again.

The next time something is annoying you, whatever it may be, think about using the lightening to thunder plan. We often think things should cost a lot to be fixed or it’s going to be a lot of personal exertion to get a situation rectified. The truth is, quick fixes can buy you some time to come up with a great solution. You may find though, that some quick fixes do the trick and you’ve saved yourself some time and possibly money too. But if they don’t, then be like the rumble of thunder and go slow and think about things. What do you want to achieve and how can you get there? Once you’ve put some thought behind it, get started!

I hope this gives you some food for thought. Have a lovely week. Take care and look after you.

Happy Mothers day to my mum!

Love Emma xxx

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