Look At You

We look in the mirror each day to put on moisturiser, eye cream or sort our hair. There are many reasons why we look in the mirror, but how much attention are you really paying? Once you’re hair and face are ready to go, that’s about it. We may regularly check in on our appearance from time to time during the day, but other than a few more fleeting glancing, it’s at night when we remove the day from our face and take a final look, putting on any night lotions and potions before going to bed.

We don’t see ourselves unless we look in a mirror following our usual routines as described above. But I want you to take notice and I mean really notice how amazing you are. It may feel uncomfortable, unusual and strange, but take a few minutes and almost do a scan of your face, like you would do a body scan.

Firstly look at your forehead, are you tensing it up? Do you keep the weight of the day there? If you do, take a few breaths, directing the out breath to relaxing it. Perhaps you have wrinkles or laughter lines across it, whatever you call them, don’t feel bad for having them, we all get older and they are part of you. Keep looking. Have you got freckles or blemishes? I’ve got a few chicken pox scars on mine, reminding me of childhood. Really explore every inch of your forehead and smile.

Next move onto your eyes. What colour are yours? Are they bright, do they have flecks in them. Are they big or small? Do you wear contacts, can you actually see anything if you take them out….I pretty much can’t see once I take mine out. Are they dry, do you use eye drops? Perhaps they are red or sleepy or itchy. What are your eyes saying about you today? Before moving on, thank your eyes for all they do. They work hard!

Looking at your nose, is it big, small, wide, thin, long or short? No matter it’s size or shape, you use it daily and probably don’t even think about it. It may just be something that holds your glasses on your face. But what do you like about it? What do you not? Is your nose oily or dry? The pores on my nose are very large, which I don’t like but then when I’ve been out in the sun, I get freckles appearing which I like. For anything you see as a flaw, flip it and see it as unique.

This may be a strange one, but moving onto your cheeks, are they firm and taught or are they round? Do your cheekbones make them stand out or are you like me and have chubby cheeks? Do they get rosy when you are embarrassed or when its cold and they get blasted by the wind? Are they dry? Smooth? Do you put blusher on them during the day? When you are eating are you like a hamster that they fill out? When you smile are they rounder? Maybe you have dimples? Do they have marks or blemishes? Perhaps you have a birth mark or acne scars. Look at them and acknowledge them. It may seem like an odd thing to do, but how often do you ever think about your cheeks?

You mouth is an important part of you, right? You talk and eat, it goes through a heck of a lot in a day, but again we don’t pay attention to this. Do you have thick or thin lips? Are they red or pink? Do you put lipstick on and make them pop? How are your teeth? Do you look after them, brushing twice a day and flossing too? Staring at your mouth in the mirror, what are some things you said today that you wished you’d said differently? Maybe you held something back? What are you not saying? What food are you putting in your mouth daily? Think about these things, but don’t dwell on anything, I just want you to give yourself more thought than you normally do. Oh and before your move on, smile at yourself!

Finally have a look at the shape of your chin. Pointy? Wide? Who looks at their chin? Exactly, so notice it. Do you find yourself stroking your chin during the day or resting your chin on your hands? How do you use your chin each day? That may seem odd, but just think.

Your face goes through so much in a day, we never think about this or even acknowledge it. So take that time and look in the mirror, thank your face, think about what it does, what you want to do more of or less of for it. Take your time when washing and cleansing. Treat it well, use your favourite moisturiser often, use a good quality face mask regularly and smile often!

Take care and have a great week. Look after you.

Love Emma xx

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