Sunshine and Dreams

The sun is shining and I’m sitting outside enjoying it. There is a lovely breeze that ebbs and flows, helping with the heat! As I sit here basking, there is a blackbird in the bush ruffling it’s feathers in fast fashion!

I’ve taken my socks off to enjoy the grass beneath my feet, it’s heaven…usually my feet don’t get this kind of airing so they are enjoying their freedom!

The heat slows us down, we enjoy being outdoors, we start to appreciate relaxing, leaving the indoor chores to another time. Whether you are reading a book or doing the garden, I’m sure you are pleased to be outdoors. The sunshine seems to take away our worries, the clouds have disappeared in the sky and in our minds. We feel light and can breathe, we are less distracted by our own thoughts as we take a break from the usual routine we follow when we get the typical weather.

I think in the sun, we feel like our dreams are in reach, anything is possible! We stop doubting ourselves and know we can achieve. So why is it, when the sun fades and in comes the usual British weather we go back to our lives. Dreams are forgotten, life is a little less sunshiny and we do what we’ve always done!

We need to grab the summertime feeling and spread it out over the year. Working on what makes us happy in life shouldn’t just be as fleeting as a Scottish summertime.

We know our motivation wanes, we know that when we are motivated we get things done, until we don’t feel inclined anymore! The sunshine can be a real motivator for many of us, but what about not starting work on your dreams until the sun has disappeared. What about enjoying the sunshine and leaving all you want to do until the weather turns again!

I know, you’ll unlikely be motivated, you’ll not be interested but if you find yourself at a loose end why not work on your dreams. By doing it during an unmotivated burst, you’ll likely stick with it…. ‘Eh No’ I hear you say! But think about it, when we’re motivated, we are excited and keen to get on….this motivation can last a day, a week or a month. We then move on, leave it to do when motivation strikes us again or do something else that our motivation pushes us towards, quite often…it can be forgotten about.

So by working on it when you aren’t motivated and can’t be bothered, (but you still have a passion to learn or push forward), it will mean the effort you are putting in, which may seem like a huge amount of effort, will actually go a long way. It doesn’t mean you don’t have the want or will to succeed or have lost the passion, it just means at that moment, it isn’t top of your to do’s!

At this point in time, do the small things, you know the tiny little baby steps to take you closer to your dream, it may be you need to buy a notebook to write your plans in, or have a look at a similar business online or pick a university and see what courses it offers. It needs to be small, so small that you barely realise you are doing anything and it doesn’t feel like a chore.

By working on these little things, it means when you have that burst of motivation, when you actually really want to be doing something and making in roads into your dream, you will then have made headway and have a good head start. Those little jobs will have been taking care of leaving you to get on with some of the bigger jobs, those that really require the motivation to push on and can’t be broken down. Like actually applying to university or calling a supplier to chat about potential products or finding an office space to rent.

Next time you start something, go with it, then when you hit a motivational wall which can often be when we are faced with the annoying things to do that we really find faffy but necessary, then take your time to pick off those little jobs, they may seem like a large job at the time, but really, they are the secret to moving you on and getting you closer to your wants and dreams!

Try it, see what happens…you never know, next time you can’t be bothered, you may achieve more than you think would be possible. It may be a case of trial and error to get used to doing something when you’d rather watch a box set or a movie. Go with the flow and don’t put any pressure on yourself to do anything, you may do half a task and that’s it for the day. Be pleased with all you do.

See how you go, have a great week and look after you!

Love Emma xx

2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Dreams

  1. Hello Emma , Another good read from you . You do so well . I hope your cat gave you a welcome when you Got in the door .. and it’s keeping better . Keep well , love May x

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    1. Thanks May! She sure did! Hope you are well. Take care Emma xx


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