Fairy Godmother

We’ve all read the books or watched the Disney movies, where at the heroines hour of need a Fairy Godmother appears. They let the character know they can do anything regardless of their situation and usually help them on their way.

One of my favourite Fairy Godmothers is Glinda, the Good Witch of the North from The Wizard Of Oz. (Ok so she may be a witch, but to me she is a good fairy!) Glinda is beautiful, smart and not afraid of anything. She puts Dorothy at ease who instantly trusts her and guides her on her journey home. Helping out as and when required.

We all love those characters and have a real sense of happiness when they appear and sort out the situation. Fairy Godmothers in real life – do they exist? Well, perhaps they do. Maybe there are people out there who magically appear in your life when you need a bit of support and help to move you forward. They will likely appear in the form of your friends or family. But, there is still a chance they could be a complete stranger.

A Fairy Godmother, will always be a positive person, they, after all, have a little bit of magic to them.

Ok so moving away from the fairies. Perhaps you are a Godparent. What does this mean to you? Scott and I are Godparents to a beautiful wee girl, unfortunately we don’t see her often, as we live a few hours away. I often think about her and wonder what she will be doing at school or what she will do when she grows up.

When we were chosen for this duty, I didn’t know what it entailed or what it meant. The way I see it is, you are there for moral and spiritual guidance, and support. I will certainly give it my all to do the best I can, should she ever need us.

I’ve got Godparents, sadly my Godfather died before I knew him. I knew who my Godmother was when I was little, but she moved away so I never saw her whilst I was growing up. I have thought about her over the years and heard stories about her, but I never had a relationship with her. I’m not complaining at all. I never felt I missed out on anything because I didn’t have her in my life. Circumstances were what they were and our paths never crossed. Our lives have been great, and as it does, life just goes on.

Fast forward to this week and I got a lovely surprise when I received a letter from her, my Fairy Godmother explained she was 80 now and wanted to give me a gift. The letter went onto explain that she felt she hadn’t been a good Godmother and the gift was to make up for this. I honestly couldn’t believe it. She had nothing to make amends for. I stood and read the letter in shock. A lovely lady, who has been thinking she had let me down all these years. This certainly was not the case.

Throughout my entire life, I have never once thought badly of my Godmother. As a child, I didn’t understand the concept and it felt like something out of a fairy tale and the older I get I don’t think that has changed! I always picture Glinda when I think of a Godmother. A beautifully dressed lady with sparkle and kindness. To me, my Godmother is the same. She can do no harm, only good.

If I’d reached out to her over the years, I’m sure she would have helped me when I hit upon a crossroads. She would have given advice, told me some related anecdotes and then I’d be on my way. But there is no way she should feel like she didn’t do a good job as a Godparent. That certainly isn’t the case and not something I believe.

To all Godparents out there, you may not feel like you are doing a good job, you may not see your Godchild often, but I am sure, you do all you can and would never hesitate to help should the need arise. We all do our best and do what we can in the circumstances we are in. Life takes us on a journey and sometimes paths cross and other times, perhaps with a little magic, knowing you have a Fairy Godmother in the wings is all you need to keep going.

Have a great week and look after you!

Love Emma xx

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