Why Is It Always Monday!

You know the drill, get up and go to work, come home, eat, go to bed. Repeat. Then Friday night rolls around and we’re all like ‘whooo hooo, it’s the weekend’! Then before you know it, it is blooming Monday morning again! I mean, why do those two days go by in such a flash?

When I was younger and worked in the supermarket, that was the only time the weekends didn’t fly by too quickly. I think the main reason for this was, the day was split, work and then fun. You always had to work to get to the fun and boy, did some of those days drrraaaaaaag!

They say time flies when you are older, and it scares me how true this is. No sooner have you walked out of work on the Friday night your grabbing your lunch and heading out the door again for the start of the week. We are certainly at a point in time where the 5 day working week is being questioned, we are no longer in the Henry Ford era. So when can we move on and start the 4 day week and prolong our weekend? Well that’s a question to answer another time.

If you, like me, feel your weekend is going past far too quickly, then I think it is time we took action. No, I am not saying we just take an extra day off, instead look at what you do at the weekends. Are your days jammed packed with lots of activities and socialising? Great. Or are your more putting your feet up and catching up with the telly kind of person? Whatever you do are your days just zooming by.

Hangovers! That’s another time when the days go slowly. Oh me, mix that with working in a supermarket and really you just want to cry at how slow the days can go.

Quite often the anticipation of getting to the weekend is part of the fun. We just can’t wait to clock off and get on with our own stuff. Whether it’s catching up with friends we haven’t seen in ages or doing some diy or watching tv. And being in the moment of each, enjoying it and not paying attention to our watches or phones, makes all the difference to time. It ticks along and we are too immersed in our own fun world to notice Monday morning is getting closer.

Unfortunately, I can’t stop time or slow it down but I can help you to ever so slightly extend the feel good feeling with these ideas:

  1. Schedule some more time to do what you did. Arrange another catch up with your friends, book that restaurant for the following week or month. If you loved whatever you did then grab hold of it and plan another time to do the same thing.
  2. Arrange to do things during the week so you have something to look forward to. Go for a walk one evening with a friend, have a movie night with your family. Reclaim your evenings so they aren’t just about what happened at work or all the tasks you have to do the next day.
  3. If you are commuting to the office or can spare a few moments before you leave your house then have a look at the photos you took at the weekend. What do you remember about each moment? Do they make you smile or laugh? How would you describe what was happening before and after the photo was taken. Keep that feeling with you throughout your day.
  4. Photos are great for memories, but why keep them on your phone, go out at lunchtime and print some or all of the photos off and create a collage, stick it on your wall by your desk or take it home a put it on your mirror so you see it regularly and smile.
  5. Reflect on what you enjoyed the most and the least. Which part of the day did you want to last forever? It may have been a typical weekend for you, however, what stood out this time?
  6. If you were relaxing and watching TV, why did you watch what you did? Do you feel completely relaxed and can easily let go of your week? Who are your favourite characters? What is it you like about them? During your Monday, why not see if you can weave in a fun phrase that they use into your work…it can be a challenge but it could be fun. Just make sure it isn’t offensive.

Whatever you did at the weekend, keep the fun feeling. Work quite often takes over our lives and creeps into our two free days, whether in thoughts or in emails. We all need time off, so no matter how fast the weekend goes, try to leave work at work and relish every second away from your desk.

No matter how quickly Monday rolls around, it is always hard to get up for work after a lovely weekend. You just have to try and keep the weekend feeling with you as you go on into your week.

Have a fantastic week, enjoy your Monday, remember the week has to start somewhere.

Take care, look after you and be kind to those you meet.

Love Emma xxx

2 thoughts on “Why Is It Always Monday!

  1. Hello Emma , Another good read . Thank you . I met up with mum for a fly cup , saw a lovely photo of you and mum , during their stay with you . Affa fine to be out for a fly cup .you take care Love May . Xx

    Sent from my iPad


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi May! Thank you for reading. So kind of you. That’s fab you got out for a fly cup with my mum. She fair enjoyed it too. Oh that would have been the selfie we took! Great fun. Hope all is well with you. Take care xx


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