Be Like Nature & Adapt

I regularly feed the birds in our garden. I have several tubs of seed decanted from a huge bag of it and they are stacked neatly on top of each other and stored in our shed. It’s been that way for a few years now. The bottom tub had a small hole in the lid where the plastic had cracked but I didn’t think anything of it.

A few weeks ago when I was getting the tubs of seeds and peanuts out I noticed lots of brush bristles next to the tub, on the tub and it was odd. I continued to get the upper tubs and fill up the seed holders. When i returned to the shed and opened the door, a wee mouse jumped out of the seed tub with the tiny hole in the lid and ran away. Now all the bristles made sense. It was creating a wee nest.

The mouse had somehow gotten into our shed and was making it’s home. I stared for ages as it was amazing. More so that it was happy to sleep in the seed and eat it as well as do the toilet. It didn’t care. So my husband helped to get the tub out did a good job of sweeping all bits of bird food and bristles that had appeared.

We then tipped away the bird seed into the food bin as we knew we couldn’t give it to the birds as it may pass on diseases from the mouse. We felt sorry that we had destroyed it’s new home but sadly it had to get evicted. I’m sure by now it has found a new place and is already adapting to its new environment.

It’s amazing how animals can adapt to change, they don’t need to be persuaded or think about it – they get on with it. For a new home, they find the best place, they enhance with extras such as brush bristles and they start their life. Us humans are good at adapting, however it can take a lot to get us there. We can be reluctant at times particularly if we are comfortable and enjoy the life we currently have. We are more likely to adapt quicker if we make the decision to change. If it is thrust upon us, then this is where we can dig our heels in and do our best to resist.

Imagine you got a new job, this required you to move, if you are on your own, then you just have to think about your needs and wants and the decision can be relatively simple to make. If however, you had children and a partner to consider, it then becomes more challenging as you want to get at least your partner on board with your decision. Once made, you then have to think about schools for children to go to, what you want in a neighbourhood and what you won’t compromise on regarding a new home or location.

In this scenario, everyone is adapting, the kids may not wish to leave their friends and school behind and perhaps find it difficult to settle in. Plus we never think of the friends and family we leave behind and how they will adapt to us not being there.

In your job, there will be times when things change, like a new system, a new process or a new manager and we adapt and get on with it. When we resist change, it makes it harder for us as it always feels like a struggle or a battle making work much less appealing.

A change can be great, it can push us and challenge us and we can learn a lot about ourselves as well as new skills along the way. We love the comfort of the familiar and we don’t like change. Adapting can be difficult at any age. You will likely be adapting in your day to day without even realising it. For example, your favourite brand of tea/coffee/jam/beans may not be available, so you buy the next best thing. Your parking spot has been taken so you park elsewhere. The pen you love to write with breaks so you grab another. The microwave stops working so you cook something else.

Each and every day we adapt to tiny little things, but we rarely notice them and likely won’t even consider it an adaption just a mere inconvenience. So if you are struggling to adapt to a recent change in your life, no matter how big or small such as job/house/relationship. Know that you can do this, you will most certainly adapt to your new situation. It won’t happen over night, so be kind to yourself and give yourself time to get used to it. Take it slowly, and remind yourself of all the small things you adapt to daily. Your new situation, may become one of the best in your life, you never know.

Adapting can take time, so this week have a think of the last big change that happened in your life, how did you deal with it to start with? Where you resistant to it or were you excited to embrace this change? What did you learn along the way? The best thing to do is take the journey a step at a time, you are saying farewell to the familiar and that can be difficult. Essentially you have to grieve for that part of your life being over but the fun and adventure that come from adapting to a new life, will be worth it.

Take care, have a good week and adapt as you need to.

Love Emma xx

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