The A-Z of Wellbeing – E

Another month whizzes by and it’s time for the A-Z of wellbeing. So this month it is all about the letter E. E is for Emma – yay! Ok so don’t worry i’m not going to speak about how great my name is.


Embarrassing – We’ve all done things that make us cringe and we wish the floor would swallow us up. But remember the feeling will pass, you’ll soon forget and it’ll become a distant memory that occasionally pops into your head. Just remember to not take things too seriously and to laugh at yourself.

Embrace – Yourself and change. Love who you are. You are unique. Seriously, you are an amazing person. Be you. Embracing change is particularly difficult if you are not the one initiating it. We then tend to dig our heels in and fight for what we know. But change is good. It helps us to evolve and have new experiences. Next time change hits you, instead of running and hiding, face it and ask yourself what is it you are afraid of? Perhaps it’s new technology or a process change or perhaps your landlord gave you notice and you have to leave your flat. But by taking time to understand and get to know the new piece of technology you could do things quicker or learn a new skill. And if you have to move to a new place look upon it as an adventure. Your next place may be better. Wrap your arms around change and embrace it.

Emotional – Hands up if you have been emotional recently….yep we all have I’m sure. If you’ve not cried at one of the many Christmas adverts I’d be surprised. Show all your emotions, don’t hold back if you need to cry, let those tears fall, if you feel mad, scream into a pillow. If you are happy and excited, jump around and dance to your favourite song. Feeling your emotions and letting them show is truly cathartic. Tell your friends or family how you are feeling. Share with them your ups and downs. Us ladies go through so much as part of our monthly cycles that we are rarely going to be emotionless throughout a month. So if you are feeling a bit crabbit today, know that feeling will pass and tomorrow will be brighter.

End – Everything good comes to an end but equally so do the bad things as well. It could be that delicious carrot cake, a relationship, a job or the day your unreliable car finally gives up. But an ending allows for new beginnings. Yes, they can be incredibly tough and emotional but keep pushing on as the next chapter is just around the corner.

Essential oils – I love essential oils, they can be used to help with so many ailments. You can mix them with a carrier oil and massage them onto your skin or dab onto the affected area. You can put them in an oil burner or vaporiser and enjoy their beautiful fragrances. Inhaling lavender can help you with stress and anxiety and help to calm you down. Have a look online at the many oils you can buy and the uses they have. Just make sure you always buy 100% pure and never put them neat onto your skin.

Excuses – We’ve all given an excuse as to why we can’t do something or go somewhere or meet our friends. But just be honest if you don’t want to do something say to your friends it’s not your thing or you aren’t interested. I know this is a lot easier said than done, as you don’t want to let people down. However, when did honesty become a negative when you really don’t want to do something?

Perhaps you are making excuses to yourself. ‘I can’t go for a run/walk/swim today because I’m tired, it’s raining or I’ll go tomorrow’. Why are you making those excuses? Perhaps you are trying to force yourself to do something you really aren’t interested in but think you should be. Be honest with yourself and ask if it is something you truly want.

Exercise – We all know exercise is good for you both physically and mentally. What’s your favourite exercise to do? If you find you dislike exercise, then perhaps you just haven’t found something you love. So why not set yourself a wee challenge to try several different kinds of exercise to see what you like. It took me ages to realise that walking and yoga were my two favorites. Find something you love to do and you won’t ever find doing it a chore.

There are many words associated with wellbeing that begin with the letter E and above are just a few of them. There are so many I could have chosen but these are the ones that resonate with me.

Thank you for reading, please take care and keep cosy this chilly week. Look after you!

Love Emma


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  1. Love “E”very E tips – great suggestions. Thank you!

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