The A-Z of Wellbeing – F

The year is fully in swing and it is time for another A-Z post. Today we will be looking at words beginning with the letter F that are related to wellbeing.


Failure – whether you’ve just flunked your exams or burnt the dinner, failure is a good thing. It may not seem like it at the time as you may feel like your options are limited or the life you want is out of reach. I know I say this a lot but failure really is good, it helps you to re-asses your situation and grow. You can learn so much about yourself in the midst of something not going to plan. Look at it as an opportunity to do something different or try something new. There are many ways to get to the same outcome, some are perhaps a longer route but the lessons you learn along the way can give you a richer experience. When you fail, hold your head up high and know it doesn’t matter, you’ve got this.

Family & Friends – at times we may not get on or we hold things back, maybe you are close to your family and chat all the time or you just see them on special occasions and talk irregularly. Regardless of your relationship with them, they will hopefully be reliable and supportive of you. In an ideal world, your family will be on your side no matter what. When you need them they will be there for you. However, for many, this isn’t the case. But as the saying goes ‘friends are the family we choose for ourselves’. Friends are there for us, they have our back and will help us when we need it. They offer advice but more importantly they listen. When all we need to do is rant or say what we are feeling, they lend an ear and allow us the space to do it. Friends and/or family are in our hearts and make the bad days better.

Fear – This can hold us back. We often use this as an anchor, a reason not to move forward. Are you scared of taking that risk incase it doesn’t work out or you look stupid? As we’ve seen above, failure is a good thing, it can put you on a new path, you learn and move on. Being scared is natural. So use the fear you have to push yourself forward and just go for it. If you’re scared of things like spiders, well that’s understandable. Just make sure you always have someone close by that can help you out!

Feelings – Talk about them. Open up to your friends and family, discuss them. It may feel strange to begin with but it is a good thing. Letting people know you feel sad or depressed or angry can help you to work it out. You often have to feel the feelings in order to process them and move on. When we bottle them up they tend to make us feel worse or make us act out in other ways. If you don’t know where to start write it down, just write down everything that is running through your head. No need to make sense of it or unpick it and don’t worry about making mistakes. It is a good way to get how you are feeling out.

Flexibility – we all get into routines and set ways, but when you become so rigid in what you do, you could miss out on opportunities. It can be difficult to be flexible at times, even changing something as simple as the soap in out bathroom or the tea or coffee brand we have. If something hasn’t gone to plan then flexibility is the key to moving forward. The plan you had is no longer linear, a new direction is needed. By being flexible, small or big changes can be easier to navigate, it’s when we have blinkers on and can only see one way of doing something is when it is a challenge.

Fun – above everything else have fun. Laugh, do things that make you happy. Life is so short, so spend time with the people you love and enjoy your life. If fun to you is doing a jigsaw then do more, if it is going out with your friends, then do it more, if it is abseiling, do more. If you love it, then do more of it.

The list above is by no means complete, there are so many more words I could have mentioned. Do any of the words resonate with you? Perhaps you can think of others.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week and as always look after you!

Love Emma xx

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