Back To Basics

Last week we went to visit my parents and upon arrival discovered they had been without power for 4 hours or so. Everything we thought of to help required either electricity or a phone signal, neither of which we had. There was nothing else to do, but get stuck into playing a game.

Before long the candles were lit and we started playing. We had a good laugh playing like they must have done in days before electricity. You have to light a lot of candles to get some decent light, we are all so used to burning candles to create a relaxing environment, and not for brightness.

We were meant to be going out for a meal, however with no electricity in the area and no way of contacting them. It was cancelled. So we thought we’d make some sandwiches as there was plenty of food in the fridge (which had obviously gone off so wouldn’t stay to cold for long). Luckily a neighbour came round and said they had a gas oven so could cook us something. We passed over food and half an hour later we had some lovely hot food! Just what was needed.

We layered on more clothes and cosy socks as the sun disappeared and the temperature dropped. It was getting darker and the candlelight just wasn’t cutting it. So after many suggestions my dad remembered he had head torches. We popped the torches on our head as we munched our dinner and when eating dessert the power came back on.

The instant relief of having lights, heat and of course our phones was amazing, being able to be reconnected to the world was fantastic. Everything was once again at our fingertips. On the flip side being unable to do anything or look anything up was quite good. Being back to basics enabled us to focus on the present and what was right in front of us.

We take heat, light and mobile phones signals for granted every single day. We do not think at all about how it works, we just turn up the thermostat, switch on the lights and use our phones to our hearts content. It’s not until there is a problem that we notice how reliant we are on all these things. For a world which had none of these things for so long, in the short period where we have been alive we have had it all, so expect it all to just be there night and day.

We keep our phones by our side and check them frequently. We rely on them to keep us connected and find out what is happening nearby and around the globe. When that gets taken away from us, we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

When the heating goes off, we put more clothes on or get blankets. When the lights go out we get torches and candles. When our phones have no signal and we are essentially disconnected from the world, we have no idea what to do.

Our phones remind us we can get in touch with anyone at anytime. They make us feel safe when we are on our own or going out, as we know we can always get in touch with someone who can help us in any given situation.

Our phones allow us to tap into knowledge. We can look up anything from how the world began to how to fix a dripping tap. Possibilities are endless.

We were extremely lucky that the power came back on later that day, we didn’t have to go without for very long, compared to others in the local area who were out for several days.

One thing this has taught me is to stop being so reliant on my phone, to put it down and enjoy doing something else. It is difficult as we do so many different things, we message, we call, we play games, we read, we listen, we learn, we watch, we take photos, videos, the list goes on. Life is essentially all contained on our phone, so to not use it, is a challenge.

I would love to say ‘Oh yes, every week for three days I switch my phone off and disconnect from the world’. Nope, that will never happen as I use it for many things. But I may try and take an hour or so away from it in the evenings, putting it in another room and leaving it so it isn’t readily available. How would that make you feel? Is it achievable? Could you do it?

There isn’t anything wrong with looking at your phone. However, if you feel you are missing out on something because you are spending too much time on your phone, then perhaps look at taking time away from it. Start small and increase your time as you wish.

I can’t ever imagine not having a phone, not being able to connect instantly with the world. It is an amazing piece of technology that has brought the world closer. How did we managed before they came along?

We take so many things for granted and only truly notice their existence when it is taken away from us. This week, when you flick a light switch, turn the heating up or message your friends, take a moment to think about how lucky we are to have such amenities, and then enjoy them.

Have a great week, take care and look after you.

Love Emma xx

2 thoughts on “Back To Basics

  1. I always have similar thoughts when the power goes out – makes me grateful for power, enjoy it for a small time but even more grateful when it caomes back on. 🙂

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    1. So true, it’s nice to have it and then every so often get a reminder of how important it is and how much we appreciate it! 😊

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