Living In A Moment

Living in a moment. I talk a lot about living in the moment, being present and aware of all that surrounds you. Your focused on the here and now rather than the next task you have to complete or what is happening tomorrow. The most important thing is now.

But what about when we reflect and we look back over a period of time in our life that was truly magical. In that moment we may not have known how special it was. If we did, then we were truly lucky to have realised it but if we didn’t, looking back now, those memories are ones that we will cherish.

Our life journey is filled with ups and down and highs and lows and all things in between. The adventures we have undertaken and enjoyed or endured are part of us and our make up. The experiences we have lived help to shape our future. But at the time, it is never thought about. It could be a summertime when you were at school or a place where you worked for 5 years or longer.

We look back and remember it with fondness and perhaps a desire to go back and relive it. However, it would never be the same, if you knew what was coming, you would prepare for it or second guess it or anticipate it so it would never feel natural or allowing you to go with the flow. The unknown is what pushes us on. We want to discover more, we want to learn and we want those adventure with new and old friends, partners, family or even just us.

There are periods in my life I look back at, and at the time they were typical everyday experiences, nothing special. But now I realise, these are precious memories. It was likely mundane at the time and I know I never thought ‘Oh in years to come, this will be a defining moment or a wonderful memory or an unforgettable period in my life’.

Sadly, there is no way to go back in time, we can’t just magically wake up back in the summer of 1994. But we can continue to make more incredible memories, from the day to day activities to the heart pumping bungee jumps. Each one is key to the next step in your life.

It is said we make around 35,000 decisions in a day, that is incredible and really I can’t figure how it is even possible but research has shown it. Each decision leads to the next and to something different. There are plenty opportunities for you to do something different if you wish or enjoy your routine and what you usually do.

Can you think about a period or two in your life which you cherish and look back upon with warmth? What made it special to you? Do you feel something is missing for you in the present that was abundant or evident then?

Sometimes memories can pop into our head for what seems like no apparent reason, but your brain could be trying to help you, showing you another time in your life where you worked out an issue and this was the point it happened. Maybe you just wish to have another adventure, or be part of a fun team again.

If you loved the tv show Friends, then you will have likely watched their reunion show. I shed lots of tears as it was wonderful to have the six friends back in my life again, even if it was for a brief moment. The way the actors talking about their time working on the show and how it all just worked. They loved each other and were in bits on the final day of filming. That moment in their lives was something so special, they will never have the time again, but they look back with love and fondness and now know it lead them to great things.

Reminiscing with our past people can be so touching and rewarding. We get to live for a brief moment back in that time.

We must ensure we keep those memories as part of us, don’t forget them and relive them often. But avoid getting stuck in them. Time moves on and so must we. Just be sure to take a little bit of your past with you as you go. Use those memories to remind you that you can and will have more fun times ahead and/or the people you work with may just become part of a future memory that you wish you could encapsulate.

Live in the moment but also remember that living in a moment in time could just turn out to be one of the best times in your life. You don’t know what’s ahead, only what’s behind. But the road ahead has many, many paths that will take you on a magical memory making journey.

Enjoy all your moments this week, from the mundane of getting up and going to work, to the fun filled times at the weekend. You never know where your next big memory will come from.

Thank you for reading, have a great week. Take care and look after you!

Love Emma xx

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