The A-Z of Wellbeing – I

I’m back with my monthly series of The A-Z of Wellbeing. Today we are on the letter I. At first I thought this letter would be a bit tricky, however, there are more words than you realise and you can probably think of many more. Here are some for you to ponder.


Immune system – You want to ensure you have a strong immune system so if you become ill your body can fight off infection. What can we do to ensure we maintain a healthy immune system? Eat a well balanced diet – ensure you are getting the right nutrients. Get enough sleep and have a regular bedtime and wake up time. Exercise regularly. Find something you enjoy doing and create a routine. Try to reduce your stress levels, make sure you are taking enough rest periods throughout the day as well as the year, you get a holiday allowance so use them. We all need to rest and recharge so take time to do this.

Imperfection – We all have imperfections, we are not perfect. But that’s a good thing. We are all unique. We often compare ourselves to others, and in doing so we view that other person as perfect. They have the perfect skin, hair, attitude, life. But that is our skewed view, if you asked them about their ‘perfect life’ they would likely tell you what they don’t like about themselves. So next time you find yourself being less than kind about your body or mind, remember that no-one is perfect. Your imperfections tell a story of who you are and the journey you are on. Embrace them, you are an amazing person.

Inner child – Hands up who wants to go fly a kite or build a fort or play hide and seek? I do! When was the last time you did something fun for your inner child. Remember as kids how much fun you had playing. Your mind was 100% focused on whatever fun you were having. As adults we are not so good at that. We tend to do something but at the back of our mind we are thinking about what we need to do next. So pick something fun you did as a child or that you want to do and lose yourself in it. Colouring, lego, fort building, the list is endless. Have a think about it and then just do it. Why not? Be a kid for a day, eat ice cream for breakfast and enjoy a strawberry milkshake as you run round the park. Ok so that might make you feel sick but you get what I’m saying!

Inner voice – We all have an inner voice, some days this voice can be your cheerleader and other times it can be your most harshest critic. Have a listen to what yours is saying to you today. If it is being hard on you, then question it. We often set impossible standards for ourselves. Would you expect your friends to conform to the same ones? Look in the mirror and tell yourself how great you are, how far you have come and how proud you are of yourself. We just don’t do that enough. We let our inner voice get away with saying a lot of negative comments, start questioning them. Ask yourself why you feel its true? Is there evidence to back it up?

Insomnia – If you suffer from insomnia you know how frustrating it can be and how tired it can make you. You might have difficulty with falling asleep, or you can get to sleep but then you are constantly waking up, or you sleep until about 3am and that is you awake. What can you do to try and help get you into a state of slumber. Try to relax about an hour before you go to bed, have a bath if you like them, listen to soothing music, read a book, put some lavendar oil or spray on your pillows to help you drift off.

Create a bedtime/wake up routine, try to stick to the same times every night and morning. Is your room dark enough? If not buy an eye mask or use blackout curtains. Is your room at the right temperature? It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. Is your mattress too hard/soft or uncomfortable? Think Goldilocks, you want it to be just right. Is it too noisy? Do you live on a busy road or hear sirens all the time, then invest in some great ear plugs to help you get to sleep. Are you feeling stressed? What is making you feel like this. Can you take steps to reduce it? Make sure you are taking enough time to rest from work and you are not over doing it. If you still have difficulty sleeping after you have tried many things over a period of time then have a chat with your doctor.

Hopefully the above list has given you some things to think about. Perhaps you are already thinking of ways to bring out your inner child or tell your inner voice that you are great each day. The A-Z series will be back next month with the letter J.

Thank you for reading. Have a great week and look after you.

Love Emma xx

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