The A-Z Of Wellbeing – J

This last week was Mental Health Awareness week, perhaps you spoke to someone about how you were feeling, or listened to a colleague who needed an ear. I hope you made some time for self care and were kind to yourself. But don’t stop after one week, try to do something little each day just for you.

This month my A-Z of Wellbeing is focusing on the letter J. Now I first thought this would be a challenge, however it wasn’t too difficult to come up with the below.


Joy – When was the last time you truly experienced joy? Were you doing something you love or were you watching someone you love do something wonderful? Joy is a feeling of happiness and delight. The feeling you get when you achieve and are jumping for joy at your own success, like passing an exam or driving test, even baking a cake and it working first time. Maybe you proudly watched your child compete, they may or may not have won but the look on their faces brought you joy, perhaps tears of joy. What brings you joy? What can you do to add more joy into your life? Stop and think, reach for a pen and paper and write down 10 things that have brought you joy recently. Then look to include more of these in your life. As I always say, look for the simple things in life, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to experience joy.

Journaling – essentially this is keeping a diary. You may wish to spend time each day writing about how you are feeling and what you are thinking. It’s your safe space to say what you want to say. Get it out of your head and down onto paper. It gives you a place to reflect on your thoughts and feelings, which can be good for your mental wellbeing. Getting into a routine can be tricky if you have never done it before and are not sure where to begin. First decide whether you want to do it electronically and makes notes on your phone, tablet or laptop, or if you want to get yourself a notebook and pen and start that way. Secondly, start by writing how you felt that day, what/who made you feel this way and what you are thankful for. Lastly, read over what you have written and reflect on it. What comes to mind? Are you surprised by what you have written? Is there any actions you want to take from it? You may wish to leave it for a day/week or month before you look back on it, as it is often hard to think clearly when you are in a moment. But never underestimate how cathartic journaling can be.

Jealousy – does the little green monster visit you often? Do you look at someone else and think they have the perfect life. Are you jealous of your friends and where they live/go on holiday/the job they have. Don’t be jealous of your neighbour because they bought the car you’ve always wanted. They could be looking at you wishing they had a garden like yours. Life is too short to be jealous. Everyone’s life and circumstances are different. Focus on what you have and what you want to achieve and forget what others are doing. If you really want what they have then work out a plan to get there. Don’t resent them for going out and getting it, they may have had to save for years and sacrificed a lot. Plan your future around your wants and needs and forget about what everyone else is doing.

Journey – how did you get to where you are? Did you have to study or did you train for a number of years? Did you accidentally stumble into the job you are doing? What about your relationships? We are all on a journey, our jobs, relationships and where we live are borne out of our experiences and goals. We often take a chance on something, which in turn leads to a fantastic opportunity. There are no right and wrong paths in your life. Your journey is unique to you. You have to grab the opportunities you want as they present themselves, don’t regret those you missed as something better or different is usually just around the corner. Look back at all you have achieved in your life so far. You’ve come a long way from being a child. Be kind to yourself and wherever life takes you, enjoy the journey.

Thank you for reading, my A-Z today. Why not give journaling a go for a week. You never know you may discover you enjoy writing down your thoughts and feelings and begin to understand yourself a bit more. Notice when you feel joy this week, and write that in your journal as well. Every moment of joy we experience, is a moment to treasure. We love to feel it so try to bring more of it into your life.

Take care, have a great week and look after you.

Love Emma xx

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