Summer Fun

When you think of summer, what do you think of? Sun? Warmth? Beaches? Swimming pools? BBQ’s? Light nights? Being outdoors more than indoors?

The list could go on. Now that we are finally in summer, and are feeling the temperatures, enjoying the outdoors and most importantly not having to wear 10 layers of clothing. What can we do to ensure we take advantage of it as much as possible. Here are 5 things for you to do throughout the summer months to really feel like you have used every inch of summer and will help you to feel good too:

  1. Sit outside for at least one meal if you can. Take your morning cuppa and toast and grab a seat outside. If you don’t have a garden take your breakfast to a park and sit watching the world go by. Or have a picnic at lunchtime with your colleagues. I always find I eat slower and relax more when outside. I guess it feels like I am on holiday. Time stops or at least slows down. You aren’t frantically trying to cook or eat against the clock. It always feels much more leisurely and if you can invite friends or family over, even better. Why not have a BBQ and bring everyone together.
  2. Take advantage of the light nights and go for an evening stroll. Don’t hide away. We always seem to batten down the hatches when we come home from work in winter. Well, now is the time to actually do something when the days stay lighter for longer. When the evenings are warm and the sun is still shining pop your trainers on and get out in nature, walk in the woods, go to your nearest beach and stroll along the soft sand in your bare feet. Don’t forget to breathe in deeply a few times, enjoy feeling the fresh air fill your lungs.
  3. Do some gardening. Well ok, if you are like me, then the chances are you don’t really like to ‘garden’ however, there are other things you can do. Why not create a lovely patio space or turn your unused shed into an outdoor room. Buy some plants and put them in beautifully coloured pots. Create a nice spot for you to sit out and enjoy your garden. Put lights up and when the evening are warm, sit outside with an ice cold drink or a glass of wine and enjoy the evening, read a book and get into the holiday zone.
  4. Plan some outdoor adventures. With school holidays coming up, it can be difficult to occupy children all summer long so why not try and do something fun and silly outdoors together at least once a week. You could book some time at an aqua park, trying to climb up and over all the inflatables and having fun as you fall into the water. What about a tree top adventure. Climbing up and over obstacles followed by a zip wire at the end can really be a challenge and make you work hard (and tire the kids out). What about getting competitive and going paint balling? Just make sure you have some layers on so when you do get hit with paint, you have at least some protection. If you have space in your garden, why not set up an assault course or water course with slip and slide. You could build a fort outdoors and have a picnic in it. What about creating your own sports day our getting outdoor games such as Connect 4 or Giant Jenga. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and have fun. Plus, if like me, you don’t have kids, who cares, you can still do all these things, just get your friends along and bring out your inner child.
  5. Go on day trips, jump in your car or on the bus or on a train (when they aren’t striking) and head for somewhere new. Spend the whole day exploring and enjoying what they have to offer. You might come across outdoor mini golf or a maze or enjoy sitting in a park or going to a beach. Get some ice cream and wander about looking at the houses, buildings and what this place has to offer. Day trips are great, they always seem to make the days last longer. Try and pack as much as you can into the day, then when you get home you can flop onto the sofa or sit outside for a while before you head to bed.

Being outdoors in summer is the best feeling, not having to think about coats or being cosy makes such a difference. Give yourself an adventure and give some of these things a try. You will always be glad to have spent some time outdoors.

Have a great week, thanks for reading.

Look after you! Take care, love Emma xx

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