6 Ways To Make Your Workspace A Calm Space

We are now in holiday season – yay! I don’t know about you, but everyone appears a lot happier in the summer. The chat in the workplace is centered around where people have been and where people are going on holiday. The build up is almost as good as the holiday. Everyone needs to take time out and recharge.

For some of us, we work in an office, in a building or at home for others there is no dedicated workspace. So what can we do to bring a bit of calm to the workplace. Here are 6 ideas to help bring zen to your workspace.

  1. Put small things on your desk that have a story behind them. You might have a couple of random things that people in the office have given you over the years or you bought on holiday or was a gift from the kids. If it holds a story and can take you back to that moment instantly then this is what should be on your desk or in your locker or in a pocket. This is what you want to reach for when you need a boost in your day. If it makes you smile or laugh then bring it into your day.
  2. Put positive quote posters up on your wall that resonate with you. Perhaps there is one in particularly that keeps you moving forward and focused on what you are doing. Could you change your screen saver to it? If you have a whiteboard, why not write the quote on there and look to update it weekly or monthly. It could become a talking point with your colleagues. If you work from home, why not paint or buy wall stickers with quotes so you create a mindful space.
  3. Can you listen to music? Are you able to sit with your headphones on listening to your favourite tunes? Or play the songs that remind you of summer and your favourite holiday – lying on the beach or at the pool. Why not play ambient sounds if you find music too distracting, you could listen to waves crashing on a beach or birds singing. Create a relaxing environment for you to work and help you to get through all your tasks.
  4. Photos and pictures are great reminders of fun relaxing times. If you can put photos on your desk or pictures on the wall that you love, it can help you on the days you are feeling a bit stressed out. What about putting your favourite beach pictures in a collage or even get them put in a photo book so you can regularly flick through the pages and get the holiday vibe back into your day. Pair a beach picture with the wave sounds and you could almost be back on your holidays.
  5. Take regular breaks and actually move away from your desk. Why not find a window with a good view or that allows you to see the sky or greenery. Maybe you can nip outside and have a quick breath of fresh air. Is there somewhere you can sit outside? Why not hold meetings in the summer or take your laptop out and have calls out there, just don’t forget to put sun cream on. Use the same sun cream as you do when you go abroad and the smell will instantly take your mind back to your holiday – close your eyes and breathe.
  6. At lunchtime, find a space you can use for meditation, perhaps you could sit at your desk. If you are in an open plan office, make people aware so you don’t get interrupted. Or could you do a walking meditation and go for a walk at lunchtime. Sit in your car or see if there is a small meeting space you could use. Maybe do a yoga class or see if others want to do it too and have someone come into the office to do a session. If you have time before work it will help set you up for the day.

I’m sure you can think of many other things you could do to help bring a little zen to your day. Whilst at work take a moment or two to make your workspace a relaxed space to help you have a moment of calm in a busy day.

Have a great week and see what you can do to bring zen into your day. Look after you.

Love Emma xx

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