Step Out Of The Dark

Are you a person who loves the light or prefers the dark?

A few weeks ago I was in the office and was in early. I went into the kitchen and only one light was working. I have a black cup and had to stop pouring the hot water in as I couldn’t see the water line. It’s funny the lights had clearly been going out one by one throughout the summer months but as the daylight was entering pouring in the windows we never noticed.

The lights throughout the office and the kitchen were replaced recently and WOW is it brighter. We can now see everything, from the real colour of the carpet, the nooks and crannies you never see as well as everyone sitting throughout the office.

Weirdly, with all the brightness, I noticed I was quite wary of walking up the office. I was clearly more visible in the new lights.

I don’t want to be noticed, I don’t want to be seen. I spent years as a child trying to blend in, but it is difficult when you are tall. When I was younger and went out every weekend I used to meet my friends in a pub. I disliked having to walk into the pub on my own as always felt noticed and so instead I would go in the back door so I could slip in, rather than the front door when everyone would turn to look.

I felt like I was back there, I felt exposed. How ridiculous? I am in the office daily and have never once felt like that before, even in the summer when it is so bright and everyone can see me. I love my work, everyone there is so friendly. The job I do means I speak to everyone, they all know me and I know them. So why am I bothered?

The brightness allows us to be seen. It’s a good thing. If you are like me and want to hide away and go below the radar, what would it take to put yourself out there?

What is it that you are afraid of that keeps your head down? Making a mistake? Making a fool of yourself? Doing a good job and being successful? Being singled out? So many people are happy to stick their head above the parapet and be noticed. I am envious of them.

Being hidden and keeping ourselves in the dark we feel safe, no one can see us and therefore, everything will be good, will stay the same and we have no worries. But being out in the light, we are exposed, people see us, our flaws, our realness and you don’t know what can happen.

So how can we break free from the darkness and feel comfortable in the light?

  1. Take small steps, it’s difficult to put yourself out there so go slow.
  2. Know you are not alone, many people out there feel the same.
  3. You know what you know, have confidence in your knowledge and skills.
  4. Forget about messing up, we all do it and it makes you human. Put that fear aside and think about what you could achieve. You never know where it may take you.
  5. Be proud of who you are, you rock you! Confidence may not come naturally but you deserve to be in the light as much as everyone else.
  6. Other people will look to you for help, when they know what you do. Remember whatever job you do, you know more about it than those who don’t. They will come to you to ask questions or seek advice.

I didn’t realise how much I hide in the dark until the lights at work highlighted it. I’ve mentioned many times I’ve always lacked confidence and find it so difficult to put myself out there, but in order to grow you have to take a leap of faith. It may be the hardest thing you do, but it can open doors which lead to other things. Plus, being in the light can showcase who you are to yourself. You are amazing. Get out there and shine in the light.

The darkness will always be there for you to retreat when you need it, but the more steps you take into the light, the more you will help your own confidence and trust in yourself.

I challenge you this week to step out and embrace you, be who you are and try not to doubt yourself. You might find your inner sparkle when in the light. The key is to learn as you go, no one knows everything and you are as important as anyone else.

Have a fantastic week.

Look after you. Love Emma xx

2 thoughts on “Step Out Of The Dark

  1. May Forman .. 20/11/2022 — 9:19 pm

    Hello Emma ,
    , I would not have believed you would not be walking tall and coping in “daylight “ you do well in all you do . Don’t hide it dear , head held up and you will be fine .

    I got the news today from Mum re the dreadful news of your friends mum. I’ve been thinking so much of the family . She will have walked that bit at the Don many many times before .but a wee bit must have looked fine but given way .. a tragedy .

    Thinking of you too Emma .

    I used to walk my big dogs up the top of the golf course at night in many weathers , could look over the lights of Inverurie . I loved out at night . But these days have gone , not steady on the old pins these days .

    I hope one day you will publish all those notes and advice you have written . Look after you .
    Love May xx

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    1. Hi May, thank you so much for your lovely words. I do keep pushing myself to stand tall and hold my head high.
      It is a total tragedy, I’ve been thinking about it all week. So awful. Holding onto hope.
      Wow that’s a good walk you used to do. Can understand you’re not doing that walk any more.
      Aww thank you, who knows maybe one day I will.
      Hope you are taking care xx


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