Pause For Thought

My week has been an interesting one, nothing really eventful happened however, there have been three unconnected moments where I paused for thought.

Mind The Gap

When I look out of the living room window there is a gap between two houses. In this gap we can see the ruined abbey sitting on the island. It is a magical view and only visible during the winter months when the trees in front of our house have lost their leaves.

‘Mind The Gap’ is what we often see at train stations, it is a warning. When we see a gap in a wall or fence we may glance to see what is there.

What about gaps in your life? Is there something missing from your life? Love? Relationships? A job you love? Kids? Is there something in your life once you have you would feel whole?

This comes with the ‘Mind The Gap’ caution as you may get everything you want and still not feel happy or satisfied or whole. Are you chasing something that doesn’t exist? Think about the one thing you want. What does it signify to you that gives it the ‘whole’ feeling? Happiness? Strength? A lifelong career?

Remember some gaps don’t need to be filled. They are gaps for a reason. For example, you’ve just split up from your partner. There is a huge space in your life and you really want it filled as you dislike being on your own. So you jump straight into another relationship and the gap is now sealed.

However, look into it, why don’t you like to have space or time to clarify your real wants and needs. This is a gap that could be good for you to breathe into and take a moment to think about what you really want and need. Another doting partner might be the answer in the short term whilst you feel lonely. But taking a moment to think about who you are and what you want could prevent you from jumping into the next relationship for fear of being alone. Instead it can make you aware of what you are truly looking for.

Are there any gaps in your life?

Dark Nature

When you go for a walk through the woods or alongside a river, the chances are you will notice nature. You’ll see the flowers and trees, birds and if you’re lucky a rabbit, mouse, squirrel or deer. I always think it would be amazing to spend a day watching nature either in my garden or out by the river or forest.

If you love nature, then have you thought about nature at night? What happens when the sun sets? Where do the birds go? What about the squirrels, are they up the tree with all those peanuts they snaffle? Then you’ve got the nocturnal animals such as bats, owls, mice and foxes.

Wouldn’t it be great, if we could go out and observe, if we had the specialist equipment to see in a forest at night and watch nature at it’s most quiet and secretive. It is a hidden world to us but not everything goes to sleep when the lights go out. Could you take some time to watch your garden at night or what about organising a small group of friends to go into the forest at dusk to observe nature moving around.

An easier option would be to watch a nature documentary as they are always using night cameras to film what is happening. But wouldn’t it be more fun to find out what happens near you?

What could go wrong?

I had the dentist this week and got an upper back tooth removed. It was not something I wanted to do, but knew it was something I had to do. I sat in the chair, she talked me through the x-ray and what was going to happen. I signed some forms and then the injections began. After a couple of minutes they tested my gums to ensure I was numb. Then she began to get the tooth out. Before I knew it, it was over. My tooth was out, my shoulders relaxed and I could breath a sigh of relief. I spent more time worrying about what would happen in the chair than actually sitting on it.

I know this may not always be the case, and if I ever have to get a tooth out again, it may not be so simple. In that moment you can’t change how you feel.

How often do we worry incessantly about something. We think of the worse case scenario and focus on this. When in reality the worst case will likely never happen. But how difficult is it to not worry?

For the time spent in a year sitting in a dentist chair, it really is a tiny fraction of your life. As painful or horrible or terrifying as it may be it will be over. It will end. It is hard to break the cycle of fear and worry, it’s not something you can just click your fingers and forget about it. But it really does make you think about wasted time worrying.

The next time I go I will do my best to reason with myself over the time spent there versus the time I spend sleeping, working or actually enjoying myself.

Have there been any times in your week which have made you stop, take a moment and think about? Perhaps there have been many, or none that spring to mind. But go into this week and see what comes up and question it. Ask why? You may not get an answer straight away but it may be an interesting exercise.

I hope these three points have given you some food for thought. Have a lovely week and look after you.

Love Emma xx

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