Lifestyle Changes

What would make you change your lifestyle? What would it take for you to switch to healthier choices? I’m not talking about the latest diet fads or cutting out everything apart from raw veg. I’m talking about you revaluating your lifestyle choices and making some changes.

January is a time when many of us take to upgrading our lifestyle, cutting out processed food, eating a healthier diet and doing more physical activity. But there are other times when we have to look at our life and take our bodies more seriously.

Maybe you have been given a diagnosis from your doctor or are waiting to hear about the results. They could be life changing. Before you get the results, you know things need to change and so you embark on changing your lifestyle. Knowing, that when the results come back, you are prepared for possible changes you may have to implement.

We have one body, we can be pretty rough on it and push it to it’s limits and abuse it by smoking or drinking too much or eating too much processed food. One day it’s likely your body will just say ‘enough’. It has been pushed too far and now you need to make some changes.

Your health has to be your priority. You can’t hide from it or ignore it. So what can you do?

If you have a diagnosis from the doctors and they are discussing treatment plans or next steps, listen and follow their advice. Ask them questions and find out what you can and can’t do, what is really important for you right now and if there is something that will help before treatment etc begins. Never be afraid to ask as many questions as you have. They have the knowledge and your body is your precious home. In this situation it might be nothing you have done or could do would have prevented it. It is just very unfortunate and out of your hands.

If you are awaiting results or waiting for a procedure, that perhaps is linked to diet. Have a think about what you can do now to help you in the future? Would losing weight help? Doing some light exercise? Maybe you have neglected eating vegetable for many years and should include them in your diet again? Perhaps cutting down or cutting out processed food and alcohol would give your body a much needed boost.

We forget how much our body goes through in a day. From what you eat and drink to what stresses and strains we put on it. Have a think about what you have done so far today. What did you have for your breakfast? Was it nutritious? Was it a fry up? Have you drank any water today? Or has it been all about the caffeine? What about exercise? Have you done any? Did you get up early and do a 5 mile run? Or a gym session? Or do you need to speak with your doctor and ask them where to start with exercise as you haven’t done any for years or ever.

If you are standing all day, working think of the pressure on your knees and feet, what about sitting all day at a desk job, your posture, your back, neck and shoulders can become tight and sore.

We all have to start somewhere when it comes to our health. Whether you are realising you are not as healthy as you could be and need to start somewhere or you have neglected yourself for many years, go slowly. Don’t try to change everything all at once. Maybe start by looking at what you are eating and what could be improved on. Can you cook more meals from scratch, rather than reaching for the ready meals or takeaways? It’s ok to have them occasionally. It’s all about balance.

Then you could look at physical activity and what you could do to get your body moving. Walking is free and you can start off very slowly doing 5-10 minutes first then building up to 30 minutes a day. Never be afraid to speak to your doctor if you want advice on diet or exercise. They can advise you on where to begin to get you on the path you want to be on.

Whether you want to change the path you are on or have to change the path for your health. Speak with your doctor and find out what would be good for you right now.

We all could do more for our bodies right now. What can you do today to help yours?

Thank you for reading. Have a great week. Take care and look after you.

Love Emma x

9 thoughts on “Lifestyle Changes

  1. I decided on the 23rd February to say no to anything with refined sugar. This was when it came to the obvious foods. The sweet foods. I don’t eat any hot meals contacting refined sugar.

    I have been abusing my body nearly the last 2 years by eating lots of cake, chocolate, sweets etc. It was worser as the time when on, binging on sweet food. Even sweet food that I originally found too sweet, or still found sweet I would content to eat. I was emotional eating.
    I couldn’t get myself to eat in moderation. So I chose to say to myself, that’s it. No more until May. And that’s if I want it by then.
    So from 23rd Feb after my sugar post, I decided there and then no more.
    I have though between then and now, not long ago, allowed myself a sweet treat. It wasn’t emotionally eating when I had it and it didn’t lead onto anything else. So I won’t knock myself for that. But if I have a treat again, this will be the only way I will allow myself to have it again until I can trust myself to have it at home.

    I have done this because I think my overeating of sweet things is the cause of my right eye, regardless my blood tests came back ok.
    I am seeing a stability to my eye, rather than a back and forth with it. So I will be observing with interest in the coming months if I can reverse further my eye.

    I have also seen how much less fatigued I am. Being in much less pain with my joints and mentally, I am coping much better.

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    1. Hi Liz, wow, it sounds like what you are doing now, having cut refined sugar out, is really having a positive effect on your body.
      You are so right to not berate yourself for having a sweet treat, you weren’t eating it because of emotion but because you fancied it at that time. It’s all about balance and eating what’s right for you as well as eating a little of something you fancy every now and again.
      Great hearing your eye has stabilised, and you are less fatigued and so pleased to hear your joints are causing you less pain. Thank you for sharing. Take care Liz

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      1. Thank you. I am very surprised how much my fatigue has reduced by, which in turn my mental health being better than it has been for some time and so feeling able to cope.

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      2. It’s amazing the positive knock on effect it has had for you. Long may it continue Liz.

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  2. I’ve actually done the same thing! Can you believe how much everything has sugar in it?! I quit because my father is diabetic and I know I may be susceptible and I didn’t want to take that risk. I still have natural sugars like fruit etc but I’ve cut out as much as I can that has added refined sugar.

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    1. I know, once you start looking into it, sugar is in more things than you think. I’m sure with this change in lifestyle you’ll have noticed the benefits already.


  3. A total lifestyle change by opting for healthier choices creates wonders rather than a quick fix.

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    1. Hi Heidi-Marie, thank you for reading and for your comment. When it comes to lifestyle changes, absolutely, healthier choices are far better than quick fixes. The healthy way will feel much better in the long run.

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