Spring Freedom

It’s been lovely watching the trees and gardens start to colour the landscape. Spring is truly underway and the sun is shining longer and the temperature is (slowly) increasing. There is still a nip in the breeze but we are moving forward and putting winter behind us.

As I walk to work or walk at lunchtime, I’ve noticed many more small birds flying in and around the bushes. I’ve walked by and they have not flown away, but allowed me time to say hello before they flutter into their home. Even the rabbits near where I work seem less afraid of me walking by. I crossed the road so as not to scare a rabbit happily munching away on the grass. I got up close before I crossed but it didn’t even flinch and kept on eating. They have lots to do and need to get there homes in order before the arrival of their offspring so aren’t letting me get in the way of it.

It always feels as though the play button has been pushed in spring and life can continue after it was paused for winter.

Is spring the new beginning we should aim for, rather than the cold depths of January when all you want to do is stay indoors and be cosy? When spring arrives many of us make our house look good, clear out all the rubbish or items that no longer serve us. We have more time in the evening to do outdoor activities as the daylight stretches. So isn’t this the better time of year to set goals and do something new or begin to work on ourselves? Have a think about what freedom spring will give you?

Is it the ability to have a lovely evening stroll with friends and go further afield? Or spend more time in your garden, planting or making it look good? Or sitting outside and relaxing with friends and family, enjoying a lovely glass of wine in the evening. Or maybe you love to paint landscapes so get your easel out and go to the coast and find a great painting opportunity without having to wear so many layers of clothing or worry about the darkness fast approaching?

Perhaps you are pleased to stop wearing your big winter jacket and wear more colourful clothes. In spring we brighten our days by wearing lighter colours. They make us feel part of the changing landscape as we shed our dark, heavy winter wear and opt for the more season appropriate colours. Although, my wardrobe does contain more dark clothes than light, this year I have made a conscious effort to wear the bright garments rather than keep them for my holidays. Could you do the same?

Do you use spring as a chance to do something different, go and explore somewhere or something new? Shedding off the old winter you to make way for the spring explorer, packing up your rucksack, jumping in the car or going on a train to visit a new town or city. Freedom is calling you to seek out new places and activities and make the most of the warmer weather.

Maybe spring for you is a time you dread. With everyone coming out of their winter slumbers and their hiding places, you would rather continue to hide. You don’t want to meet up with people, but with spring, everyone is making plans to catch-up and it becomes unavoidable.

Ask yourself why you feel this way. Have you always felt like this or is it new? Has something in your life changed? Maybe you been stuck in the depths of winter and have talked yourself out of meeting up with friends or family and it has spiralled from there?

Could you speak with a friend or family member to let them know how you are feeling. If it is a new feeling and you aren’t interested in any kind of social interactions, then it might be an idea to speak with your doctor. If it is out of character for you to feel this way, talking it through can help you understand any changes that have occurred to contribute to making you feel this way.

Spring for so many of us is a time to get outdoors and appreciate the warmer and longer days. We no longer feel hemmed in by darkness and are pleased to feel life opening up again. What are your plans for spring? Is there anything you do only in springtime? Is there something you do to shed the winter within you?

Thank you for reading, enjoy your week and look after you.

Take care, love Emma xx

4 thoughts on “Spring Freedom

  1. Nice post! I feel like Spring is when everything happens again… in the first few months of the year it’s still too cold to go anywhere, but spring is the sign for action again haha.

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    1. Thanks Tom. I know what you mean, you just want to stay indoors and be warm, but when spring hits, we are ready to jump into action and get things done! Thanks for your comment xx

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  2. Love this post 💖💖 ‘No longer hemmed in by darkness’ is exactly how I feel. I’m loving being out in the garden and getting it tidied up ready for summer Xx

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    1. Hi Vic, thank you for reading and for your comment.
      It’s great to be out and about again and it sounds lovely your getting your garden ready to enjoy in the good weather! ☀️xx


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