January Guilt

I’m enjoying my happiness journey – weighing up what makes me happy and going for it and if it doesn’t then I’m not! Simple!

So where does the guilt come in… well, I guess from years of January’s being a ‘healthy’ one where I cut the crap from my diet, eat less, do more exercise and try not to snack. I have been feeling a tiny bit of guilt, if I’ve not done yoga or gone out for a run but instead read something interesting or listened to a podcast or just watched tv. But why? Why should I?

I am recognising this feeling of guilt is a hangover from previous January’s and years of dieting/eating healthy/being good. If I ate chocolate it was a bad choice, if I didn’t run I was letting myself down or being lazy. I hadn’t thought about it before but it occurred to me this week that feeling guilty about not sticking to a diet or not exercising might mean it isn’t the right diet or exercise program to follow, or I’ve just been to hard on myself in the past!

I shouldn’t be feeling any guilt for doing what makes me happy! If it makes me happy then I’m more likely to run when I want rather than feel forced into it cos I need to burn calories. It’s been good to do what brings the happiness out in me. And so what if it’s not conventional, I’m not, so it’s a good fit!

Happiness is my number one goal for the year. What can I personally do to alleviate this bit of guilt? My thoughts this week have made me think about the following:

    Pressure – January is all about losing weight, feeling fit, working towards a fitness or diet goal. Celebrities bring out fitness DVD’s, magazines sell you the ‘little black dress diet’ or ‘lose 7lbs in a week’ or 5:2 diets, just diet after diet. There is never anything that says ‘you are good enough’, ‘be happy’, or ‘focus on your wellbeing’. We are made to feel we are overweight and unhealthy, which is ironic given these same magazines or tv programmes the month before recommend lots of unhealthy festive foods and give us recipes for amazing Christmas Day meals that are calorific and belt busting!
    Goals – As you can see, it’s easy to feel guilty when December is an indulgent month and then January is about losing weight and succeeding in your goals. Booooo! Where’s the fun and happiness in that! Most of us have probably been on a diet or two, but was it joyous? Fun? Maybe it was. For me it’s been a regime, something I tolerate to get to an end goal. I want to be x weight or I want to lose x stone! January is the new start month. Where we are raring to go! But why? Is it just purely because it’s the start of the year? Goals can be set anytime! Why am I a sucker for a January goal? I’m thinking of making March a month to start goals after all, spring is a time for new beginnings! Whose with me?
    Me – I can be my own worst critic! As we all can I’m sure. I’m hard on myself, I put pressure on myself to lose weight, not eat chocolate or all things bad. It’s all or nothing with me that way. I feel guilty for eating chocolate Hobnobs or for having chips! It’s crazy! This is now in the past. I can’t continue this way as it takes a lot of effort and I want to LIVE and ENJOY my life! So I’ve got to take the pressure off in order to be happy! Lose the guilt from wanting a piece of chocolate, or just to say no to a run! Guilt is not going to be part of my happiness life. Guilt is a waste of time, it’s chocolate Hobnobs not life or death for goodness sake! So no more guilt! Happiness rules!

Although at the moment it is hard to shift this guilt in my head, it’s something I’ll push on with as I know I have a right to happiness and there is no need for guilt. Many people say ‘everything in moderation’ and that’s something my head needs to learn but until then if it makes me happy I’m going do it, eat it, drink it, or avoid it!

Thank you everyone for reading my blogs and supporting me on my journey! Feel free to get in touch and tell me about yours!

Have a great week!

Love Emma


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