Why is a 39 year old who doesn’t wear make-up, writing about it?

I’ll tell you…I don’t wear it, because for me, I don’t see the point in covering my face up, this is me and this is who I am. I don’t want to conform and wear it ‘just because I am female’.

Just to make it clear though, if you wear make-up, I admire you, I love that you can enhance what you have and make your eyes pop or sparkle. I love eyebrows and seeing them all shaped. I love this on others but not on me. It’s just not me. So please don’t think this is having a go at you if you wear it, it isn’t. I love that guys are wearing it too. Why not? It should be about expression and not gender. You are beautiful people with or without make-up.

My skin isn’t great, I had acne when I was younger, I have acne scaring and chicken pox scars, I have freckles, I have bumpy bits, My face isn’t perfect but I am comfortable with it. When I wear make-up I feel like an impostor, faking it, and trying to fit in.

I have dabbled in it throughout the years but it has never stuck. Even when I was in my late teens and early 20’s going out at the weekends, I never wore it. I learned how to apply it for my wedding, back in 2011. I went for a lesson and left feeling like I was a doll, she did a great job but it just wasn’t me. So I found natural mineral make-up, and went to that make-up counter and the girl did such a fantastic job that I bought lots. I then went back to her before my wedding for a refresh. (Just a tip….the second time I went I also went to get passport photos done afterwards…so my passport photo is looking great 😄 haha) On our wedding day, I applied the make-up and felt good. The day was great and I think my make-up lasted!

My husband has never been bothered about me not wearing make-up and there has been many times, when I have packed make-up for a weekend away and I’ve never used it, so I have stopped taking it with me. Scott is very kind and says I don’t need it, and I love him for it.

I wear make-up now for weddings and big events, so really that is about once a year to zero a year and I am comfortable with it! I like me and I like my look. My friends know me and no-one is bothered about it. I know there are others like me and it’s a growing trend to not wear make-up.

If you are happy to wear make-up and wear it for you, then great, continue doing it, but if you are wearing it cos you feel you have to, then stop and listen to what makes you happy, don’t do it for others, do it for yourself.

Being you is really important, take a look in the mirror when you have no make-up on and see your beauty. Perfect isn’t real, your imperfections are what to be proud of – they make you unique and they make you real. Love your face! So what if your nose is a bit big or those blooming chicken pox scars scatter your hairline. Being like someone else is hiding the real you. Step out, be you, be proud and smile at yourself in the mirror…look how far you have come in life. If wearing make-up helps you to be the real you, then wear it. Wear it your way and love it!

Always smile in the mirror, it’ll make you feel good.

Thanks to my lovely readers, followers and lovely friends and family. Have a lovely day and take care of your wellbeing. Today I am very much a 🤩! Super happy and loving life and the sun shining always helps too!

Look after you!

Love Emma


2 thoughts on “Make-up?

  1. I really enjoyed this post and I admire your point of view ❤️ We should all feel comfortable first with our naked faces. I feel I’m somewhere in the middle. In the phase I’m in, minimal make up has helped me to bring back some of my confidence but something I don’t seem to be able to use anymore is foundation… it feels so heavy and uncomfortable. And we do need a husband that loves us for who we are!! ❤️

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    1. Thank you Vanessa. It’s great that you are getting your confidence back and truly enjoying your minimalist make-up look. I do find some foundations can feel heavy and you can feel it all day, it just doesn’t appeal. Thank you for your comment it’s greatly appreciated. I am lucky to have a husband who enjoys me for me. xx

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