Dream and Believe

You have to follow your dreams and believe in yourself!

That’s it. You just have to.

When we are kids growing up, we get told you can’t do this and you can’t do that when we dream. However, why not? Why can’t you? Yes, you know you shouldn’t do certain things and stick within the law but why oh why can’t you BELIEVE you can do something, anything, fulfill that dream.

When you are a child you believe that you can be anything you want from an astronaut to a Vet, a football player or even an actor.

But then adults come along and tell you that you can’t, you aren’t smart enough, fast enough or capable. Some may say you need to focus on getting a ‘real’ job.

So, you have gone from flying to the moon, operating on a cat to giving up on your dreams. Yes, I know a lot of the time we change our minds when we are kids, but I guess some kind of reality kicks in and you think what you wanted as a child is out of reach. You have let go of the wonderment and excitement of being that astronaut, being in space and looking down upon earth.

You set your sights on something new and achievable…well, you may have to work your ass off to get to it, but it’s something you are definitely capable of doing.

I think it’s why so many people are finding their dream jobs later in life, they have decided their dreams are worth pursuing. These may be new dreams, rather than the childhood ones, but this time they are not letting those thoughts or other people’s opinions and ideas prevent them from pushing forward with something that makes their heart sing.

I know not everyone is in a position to follow their heart and dreams and have the job of their dreams as this can often cost money to retrain and quitting your job may not be an option. So, if you are sitting there thinking ‘I really want to do X, but I need to work and earn money so it just isn’t possible right now’. Well why not get started with a notepad and pen and on one page in the centre write your main goal down, and then create a mind map of all the things you can do to get there. Think about what training you may need, what equipment you may need, can you buy it or rent it or get it second hand? Is it a job you can do at home? Are you working for yourself? Can you work for a local company or would you have to move?

Try and list as many questions and points as you can possibly imagine and once you feel you have an exhausted list, go through and answer them in turn, some you may need to do research for and won’t be able to answer straight away. If you are working full time then why not do some research a couple of evenings a week, or answer the questions, just take baby steps to fulfill your goal. It may be that although your dream role is X, you have to retrain and need money to pay for the course. Why not make your first goal to save for the course. The second goal, could be completing the training and finally after all your training your final goal can be working in your dream role.

All through this process you have to ensure you believe in your ability to get there, you have to feel it and push forward. Even though it is scary and you have the fear, this wee leap into the unknown, can only be a positive one… you wont know until you try and it may take you somewhere you could never have imagined. If you are feeling a little unsteady and unsure, why not tell a friend or someone in your family your plan and ideas. They will naturally ask you how it’s going and it will help you to stay on target and push you when you have doubts. They will want you to succeed and can give you a boost when needed.

I’m in this position at the moment, I know what I want to do, it costs money so I need to save for the course I want, but in the meantime, I am going to research and read and watch and do as much as I can to learn all things wellbeing in my evenings after work! My end goal is to be a Wellbeing Life Coach. There I’ve said it! So by saying it out loud I know I will keep on track and do what I can after work and at weekends to stay focused. I want to have the job of my dreams. I believe this is possible and know I can do this.

Join me on my journey and why not start an adventure of your own…..what is your dream job or a dream you want to fulfill? What is holding you back and what can you do to help yourself get there? Whatever it is, you need to believe in you! You are capable of so much. Don’t doubt your abilities. It may take longer than you want/hoped/realised to fulfill, but it will be worth it. You know it will. Take a step and start your journey, grab that notepad and pen and get writing. I’m here for you if you want to share and we can do this together.

I wanted to be an astronaut when I was little, I remember writing it in my book at school and can still see me in the drawing standing on the moon. Maybe our dreams as children are not unrealistic, maybe parts of them are real. I may not be going to the moon and seeing Earth from afar, but I am certainly aiming to be on top of the world when I become a Life Coach. The earth will be smaller as I help people from around the world learn the tools to have the life they want, to be in a better place with their wellbeing. To take control of what they want to do and be. I am ready to do this and am sure as heck going to kick some ass (my own) to get there!

Follow those dreams and live a magical fulfilled life!

Have a lovely week, smile lots, be happy and most importantly, look after you!


Love Emma


8 thoughts on “Dream and Believe

  1. Are you going to study with Dr Claire? πŸ˜‰ Anyway, we will be ‘colleagues’! xx

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    1. PS: Incredibly inspiring piece, this one! Thank you!

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      1. Thank you so much! I’m finding so much is starting to click into place this year for me so following for dreams and believing I can do this. Xx

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    2. She is one of the ones I’ve been looking at! Very exciting! Have you or are you studying with her? Yay! It would be fab to ‘work’ alongside you! πŸ˜„πŸŒΌxx

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      1. I’m 100% biased, but I can guarantee you won’t regret if you decide to pick her πŸ˜„ I did my life/wellbeing certification with her over a year ago and the whole experience was amazing. A lot of content, good quality course material, and then you get to enjoy from a fabulous space and treatment too. 😊πŸ₯° Whatever your decision, I know you can do it xx

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      2. Ooooo I’m excited! To know you enjoyed it and to ‘know’ someone who has been on it helps my decision for sure, thank you! I just need to book it now, and start saving! Great! Thank you for your help! Xx

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  2. Thanks for such an inspiring piece!

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    1. Thank you very much for reading and great you found it inspiring! πŸ˜€ xx

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