Get Lost….

Yesterday I met a friend for a walk. I drove us to the car park…but when I was away to turn left, my friend said turn right. We went right and eventually ended up along a single track road heading towards a mansion house. Anyway, we then looked up Google Maps and found that whilst technically we were on the way to the forest walk, we were coming at it from the other side, but without getting to the car park. We turned around and went back the way we came, and took the left turn and we found the car park and began our walk.

We then decided to do the biggest walk around the forest, follow signs and enjoy. It was a rainy day, but still lovely to walk around and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. About 15 minutes into the walk, we had to look at the map as our walk seemed to be taking us further away from the trees…and the map was in agreement. So we turned back and found the correct path. Chatting and walking is great but it certainly took our concentration away from the path. We walked and talked and put the world to rights and as we did so missed the signs for the walk we did. Again, we hadn’t noticed. So we checked the map and put ourselves on the correct path. We knew we would end up back at the car park….eventually…it may take a few twists and turns but we trusted that it would all work out.

Wouldn’t it be great, if every time we got lost or felt lost in our lives we had a map that we could refer to that could help us get on the right path. When I say right path, I mean the right path for you which can often take you a different way than you had planned but ultimately gives you a life with more experience. Sure, we all want an easy life with no drama and no pain, but I don’t think anyone has an easy life. We want a life that is rich in love, joy, fun, experiences and adventure.

When it comes to getting lost and finding your way, how do you deal with it? Do you panic, rush around and cry? Do you take a deep breath and look at your options and make an informed decision? Or do you go with the flow and just follow your gut?

Any one of these options is acceptable, although panicking and crying may not get you very far, but it may help you to release your feelings and get you to a place where you can move forward.

So, if you take a deep breath and check out the options you have and you are rationally looking at your lost-ness and making some decisions about your way out. It could be that any road out is suitable, that what you need is to just make a decision. You aren’t looking for an ending, you are looking for a path to follow for now to get you to another decision point. Sometimes you just need to buy yourself some time and take a path which may take you to a point of clarity. Or you could have a clear idea of where you want to go, taking steps to move closer to this path.

Maybe you are a gut follower and in times of feeling lost, you go with the feeling of the path you should take that is calling to you from the pit of your gut. I always say to never go against your gut. It is there for a reason telling you if something is right then go for it or if you are feeling uneasy then don’t do it. Whether you are lost in the forest or lost in life, listen to what your gut is saying. It can get you out of danger as well as get you on a path of fun and adventure.

So next time you are feeling lost or are actually lost, don’t panic, take a moment to see where you are, think about your options and what you may have to do to get yourself unlost. Hear what your gut is saying and put a plan in action. Sometimes going blindly ahead can be a positive, often adventure begins when we are adrift and we take a step in any direction. Feeling lost is quite common at times in our lives but usually feeling lost is the beginning of a new direction or adventure, we can’t predict where we will end up but we are starting on a new journey that will give us an enriching life experience.

Have a lovely week and thank you for reading. 😀

Love Emma xxx

8 thoughts on “Get Lost….

  1. Yes, I’m feeling lost. Yes, I’m just crying. Yes, I have a whole new life path in front of me. Are you SURE there is no map???

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    1. Hope your doing alright. It’s horrible feeling lost! Nothing makes sense and there doesn’t seem to be an obvious option. Imagine how easy it would be if we did have a map! That would be a real help! Decision making would be easier but then a mapped out life would take out the wonder and surprise in life! You could always map out where you are at the moment and where you want to go. Then see what steps you need to take to get there. Take care xx

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      1. Thanks. I’m lost in a total life sense – I’ve had to walk away from almost everything in my life, so its like looking into a void. I’m in limbo and it feels like everything I touch explodes. All I can do is wait. Thanks for your reply xx

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      2. It sounds like you have had to make the toughest decision ever. There will be some light ahead, I guess it’s just blocked at the moment as it’s too far ahead. Can you work on things day at a time? Focus on what can help you move forward and what gives you strength and use that in your daily life. Sending you love 💖 take care xx

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      3. Yes. A very big decision :o( Very good advice. Thank you so much! I like the idea of using those things that move me forward and give me strength. That gives me something to focus on. Thank you for caring xx

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  2. Thank you so much for what I think is a truly beautiful and helpful post. I kept stopping and reflecting as I read through it. In a similar way to you and your friend trusting that there was something within the map that would get you through your walk, I have found it very useful to trust that there is something within me that will get me through the challenges of life as they come up. That thing may not be immediately available to me and I may initially have no idea as to what it is. However, just like you and your friend had to search for the correct path on the map, I can search for that thing within me that will help. It won’t always be easy to find. Sometimes I may need help, just as you and your friend helped each other with the map. However, I gain peace from trusting that it is within me somewhere and becoming curious about what and where it is.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and for reading! I think the answers to life’s decisions can be found within us and often it is blind trust to get us there!

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