Guided Meditation

This week I’m going to do something completely different. Today and over the next three months, I will do four guided meditations. Well, will see how you enjoy this one first. But that’s my plan.

I’m going to take you on a relaxing journey, to help you let go of your stresses and wind down. You might need to read a couple of times or you could record your voice to make it easier. I’ll start by getting you to a relaxing place before taking you on a journey.

Get yourself comfortable, it could be on a seat, with your feet touching the floor or you could lie down on a mat. Whichever you prefer, make sure you’re wearing something loose fitting so nothing digs in or pulls as you sit or lie down.

Close your eyes, (well not until you’ve read it all first 😉) and take a slow and steady breath in through your nose and let it out through your mouth, Now breath in through your nose again to the count of four, hold for two seconds and then breath out through your mouth to the count of four. For your third breath in, count to four, hold for two and then release through your nose. Throughout this meditation, try to breath in and out through your nose, but if this isn’t something you are comfortable with then please do just breathe through your mouth. This is all about relaxing, so I don’t want you to worry or struggle as you won’t get the benefit.

Now you are comfortable, start with your feet and let them do their thing, if you are sitting, make sure there is no tension in them, if you are lying down, let them flop out. Moving up to your legs, tense them up and then relax them, you shouldn’t be holding the tension, so let it go. Feel your knees and legs relax and let them be.

You might carry a lot of tension in your hips, take a breath in and as you are relasing it, send it out to your hips to relax, picture them loosening and letting go of any tension.

Let any thoughts you have come and go, let them flow in and out again, no need to get involved with them, just let them pass.

As you continue to relax and breathe, move up to your abdomen and feel your breath inflate your lungs and feel your belly rise and fall. Relax.

Shoulders are a big source of tension, if it helps, tense them up and then let go and relax, if you are lying down then try to feel the mat underneath them, try not to hug them in, you may need to take a few breaths here to do this. (I know I do) Relax your neck too, you shouldn’t feel any pain in it and if you do, you may need to adjust your head forward to take away the strain. Let the tension go.

Now moving down your arms, how are they placed? Some people don’t like to have them straight down by their side but prefer to rest them on their belly, please do what you find comfortable.

Take a long and steady breath in and slowly release through your nose. Continue to breathe steadily and calmly. Just keep your breathing steady and calm.

You are standing in a square room, this room is a gateway to your calm place. As you look around the room, you see four glass doors, one on each side.

You walk over to one and peer through. You see a beautiful beach. You open the door and step out, the sand is so white and pure and it feels soft and warm beneath your feet. It surrounds your feet and falls off with each step you take closer to the sea.

As you walk, you watch and listen to the waves in the distance crashing, before they reach the shore in a calm and rhythmic manner. You see the palm trees gently swaying in the light breeze and you feel the heat on your face and body as the suns rays touch you. As you take a breath in, you smell the salty sea air and you can taste it when you lick your lips.

With every step you take closer to the ocean, your body continues to relax, once you arrive at the water, it gently tickles your feet, the sand becomes wetter and cooler underneath and as you take a step into the sea, you feel at peace. You stand their observing your surroundings for a few breaths.

The water is so clear and calm as you watch lots of colourful fish, swimming and darting around a few feet away. You look up to the sky and there isn’t a cloud in it. The beautiful blue sky is mesmerising, The sun causes a beautiful shimmer and sparkle on the sea, The light dances about and you watch the sunlight on the sand below the water flicker as the fish move around casting their small shadows.

You are alone on the beach. No one is around. This is your sanctuary.

You hear the call of the gulls further out to sea, you watch them dive and try to catch fish. It’s truly a peaceful and calm day.

You decide to leave the water. You turn around and walk up to the soft sand, just where the water stops. You sit down, and feel the warmth on your legs from the sun and the sand. Feeling the sun and listening to the water, you feel all the tensions from earlier have melted away. Your mind is relaxed and your thoughts are focused on the calm and tranquility of the moment. You sit there for several minutes breathing steadily and calmly. You breathe in the beauty and stillness and breathe out any distractions from your mind. The sound of the waves, keeps your breath in a steady calm rhythm.

Stay focused on your breath and enjoy the lightness of the moment.

The small breeze stirs you from your relaxation and you slowly stand up and take one final look over the water before you gently walk back up the beach. You reflect on the beauty you have witnessed as well as the sensations in your body and the calmness and clarity of your mind. The sand still feels warm against your feet, but you leave it behind as you walk through the door you originally came out.

As you walk back into the room you start moving your fingers and toes and with each breath you take, your awareness comes back to the sensations in your body and then slowly open your eyes.

As you go through your day and into the evening, try to take the calmness with you. Remember the room is always available for you to go to when you need some peace and quiet in your day.

Next month, we will go through another door and see what relaxing journey we can go on. Thank you and I do hope it helped you. Please do let me know how you got on.

Have a lovely week and look after you. 😀

Love Emma xx

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