Guided Meditation 2

I hope you are all well and looking after yourself and family during these restricted times. Keep following the rules and stay safe. At the start of last month I wrote a guided meditation for you and wanted to do four in total. So, here is the 2nd one! There is also audio this time if you prefer. Take some time to relax, breathe and have a break from it all.

I’m going to take you on a relaxing journey, to help you let go of your stresses and wind down. You might want to read a couple of times or you could just listen to my audio recording below. I’ll start by getting you to a relaxing place before taking you on a journey.

Get yourself comfortable, it could be on a seat, with your feet touching the floor or you could lie down on a mat or your bed. Whichever you prefer, make sure you’re wearing something loose fitting so nothing digs in or pulls as you sit or lie down.

Forest Walk Guided Meditation

Close your eyes, and take a slow and steady breath in through your nose and let it out through your mouth, Now breath in through your nose again to the count of four, hold for two seconds and then breath out through your mouth to the count of four. For your third breath in, count to four, hold for two and then release through your nose. Throughout this meditation, try to breath in and out through your nose, but if this isn’t something you are comfortable with then please do just breathe through your mouth. This is all about relaxing, so I don’t want you to worry or struggle as you won’t get the benefit.

Now you are comfortable, start with your feet and let them do their thing, if you are sitting, make sure there is no tension in them, if you are lying down, let them flop out. Moving up to your legs, tense them up and then relax them, you shouldn’t be holding the tension, so let it go. Feel your knees and legs relax and let them be.

You might carry a lot of tension in your hips, take a breath in and as you are relasing it, send it out to your hips to relax, picture them loosening and letting go of any tension.

Let any thoughts you have come and go, let them flow in and out again, no need to get involved with them, just let them pass.

As you continue to relax and breathe, move up to your abdomen and feel your breath inflate your lungs and feel your belly rise and fall. Relax.

Shoulders are a big source of tension, if it helps, tense them up and then let go and relax, if you are lying down then try to feel the mat underneath them, try not to hug them in, you may need to take a few breaths here to do this. (I know I do) Relax your neck too, you shouldn’t feel any pain in it and if you do, you may need to adjust your head forward to take away the strain. Let the tension go.

Now moving down your arms, how are they placed? Some people don’t like to have them straight down by their side but prefer to rest them on their belly, please do what you find comfortable.

Take a long and steady breath in and slowly release through your nose. Continue to breathe steadily and calmly. Just keep your breathing steady and calm.

You are standing in a square room, this room is a gateway to your calm place. As you look around the room, you see four glass doors, one on each side.

You walk over to one and peer through. You see a forest, filled with many trees all of different sizes and shades of green. You open the door and step out onto the forest floor. You take a few steps forward and take a deep breath in, the smells of the wood and leaves surround you. It smells of nature. Your steps take you onto a path where leaves crunch beneth you and twigs snap. This echoes around you and you feel truly relaxed as there is no-one here but you.

As you walk on the birds are singing in the trees and you stop to listen, you take a deep breath in and out as the birds tweet and twitter around you. The calmness of the forest envelops you and you keep walking. There is a slight breeze which stirs up the trees, and the leaves rustle in the wind, the noise is the soundtrack to your walk as it guides you through the woods.

The path you follow walks you past huge trees that have been there for hundreds of years. You stop and turn to face one of them. You put both hands on the tree, close your eyes and take some long slow deep breaths. Being in nature and allowing yourself to be submerged in it fully, you focus on the feel of the tree beneath your hands, it’s dry, uneven with a rough texture. But it grounds you. With each breath you take in, you feel more attuned to the forest around you. You feel the energy from the tree rising up through the roots, up to the trunk and into each branch and leaves. As you are connected you breathe in this energy and feel it coming into your hands up your arms and down into your body flowing through.

You stay there for several minutes, before opening your eyes and thanking it for it’s natural beauty. As you step away, you feel the energy throughout your body and you feel alive.

As you walk, the creatures of the forest are around you, you are aware of them as much as they are aware of you. You see rabbits bobbing up and down as they look for food. The birds are flying and look like they are playing a game of chase, their colours seem more brighter and beautiful than normal, a woodpecker lands on a branch just in front of you and starts pecking into the tree, you stop and watch, it’s insistent and the noise is quite therapeutic. After a moment you decide to leave it to it and walk on by.

Throughout your walk, there are some trees on their side which have been blown down some time ago. You climb up and over and duck under their branches. There are several squirrels darting up and down the trees searching for food, their red fur shines in the sun that glances through the trees.

Further along the path, you come across some deer nibbling at the patch of grass and green shoots. They stop to look at you and after seeing no threat they continue. You are in awe of how stunning they are and how the forest works naturally. Everything around you has a purpose and is part of the bigger picture. You feel at peace as you walk, your breath has naturally become longer and deeper as your body has relaxed into the rhythm of the forest.

Your path continues and goes round a beautiful pond which ripples in the wind, there is a bird cleaning itself in the water whilst several frogs look on. As you walk round, the leaves are twinkling in the sunlight that is breaking through, you admire their beauty and the role they play in the cycle of the tree. Each leaf similar and equally important. The magic of the trees and nature surrounds you. You smile as you feel alive and at one with it all, you take several long and slow deep breaths, drinking in the delights and wonder of the forest.

You come to some stone steps and as you walk down them, you realise you are back at the door you came out of. You open the door and back in the room you wiggle your fingers and toes bringing your awareness back to your breathing and the sensations in your body. Now slowly open your eyes.

As you go through your day and into the evening, try to take the calmness with you. Remember the room is always available for you to go to when you need some peace and quiet in your day.

We will continue this next month and go through another door for another relaxing adventure. Thank you and I do hope it helped. Stay safe and don’t ever feel alone or lonely during these times, please reach out if you want to chat.

Take care throughout your week and look after you. 🌼😊

Love Emma xx

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